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Google Cast Will Be Called Chromecast Again

Remember when Google Chromecast started being called Google Cast? It was back in March and at that time it seemed to us a change that had more or less meaning. The Chromecast is Google’s most popular hardware product, but the company has never really been sure what to call it. After launching a scheme to rename much of the Chromecast ecosystem to “Google Cast” earlier this year, Google seems to be flip-flopping on the branding and going back to “Chromecast” again.google-cast-will-be-called-chromecast-again

Chromecast devices really are a handful, but then there are others that use the same technology, called by then Google Cast. That is, Chromecast are the Google dongles, and Google Cast is the technology and the application.

Now, remember when Google changed the name of the Google Cast app back to Google Home? That was recently, in October, and then we found it more or less made sense. With the app you could control Chromecasts, other devices with Google Cast technology or the new Google Home. Well, now Google Cast will be called Chromecast, specifically Chromecast Built-in and no, it does not make much sense.

The change is in process and will be completed successfully in early 2017, unless Google changes its mind again and decides to call it Google Home Cast Entertainment System or similar, it could be.
From Google Cast ➡ @Chromecast. New name on Twitter, same device you know, stream from and love. pic.twitter.com/MnWEj39GuG
– Google Chromecast (@Chromecast) November 22, 2016

So if you want to be up to date on branding devices to send content to your television and stereo, remember that the technology included in Chromecasts, TV and speakers will be called Chromecast Built-in devices sold by Google , Chromecasts, the application to control them, Google Home, and the company browser, Chrome, really not very related to this whole thing.