Google Allows you to Edit Microsoft Office Files Direclty from Google Drive


Good News to all those Microsoft and Google Drive users, Now you can edit the MS Office files directly from your Google Drive account, same like as you we able to edit the text and other file formats in your Google Drive.

Google Yesterday announced the support of the conversion of the Office file formats into formats which are supported by Google, With this conversion support from Google, The Google Drive user are not just bounded to use only the file formats supported by Google. This conversion of file formats is very useful for those who work online and deal with some editing of files and stuff some thing like that.

Here are formats supported by Google Drive:

  • dot, dotx, dotm*, docm* conversions to Google Docs
  • xlt, xltx, xltm*, xlsm* conversions to Google Sheets
  • pot, potx, potm*, pptm*, pps, ppsx, ppsm* conversions to Google Slides
  • And Better conversion support of charts, SmartArt, and merged table cells in the Office documents.Google Drive edit office files

Google also suggested a chrome plugin for those who don’t want to convert the office files into Google Docs format.The plugin lets the users to edit the office files directly from chrome, Without need to install the Microsoft Office on your computer.

Google said in the blog post that they are listening to feedback from Google Drive users. I think this is not the reason for supporting the office file formats in Google Drive. May the reason is DropBox’s partnership with Microsoft to edit the office files directly from DropBox.

Source Blog:

Chrome Plugin to Edit Office files without Installing Office