Google Allo Hits 5 Million Downloads In A Week

History repeats itself. After Google Duo achieved 5 million downloads a week of being released, now it’s up to Google Allo repeat the script while proudly wearing its new flagship of more than five million downloads in Google Play.allo

Google Allo officially came to Google Play on September 23 and soon more than two days to pass the million. Following the pattern of Google Duo can predict that in three weeks hit the ten million downloads.

The figure is fine, but considering the huge anticipation, worldwide media coverage and the power of having “Google” in the name, we know little. Allo not seem to have managed to snag the virality necessary for the introduction of an application in an already saturated ecosystem.

Allo you need the same as Duo

Although Justin Uberti, technical Lead from Duo and Google engineer reminds us that Allo is a version 1.0 and therefore should not expect the moon from it. It is difficult enough in itself to get someone to try your application, but if you do it once and not satisfied, most likely to do it again but the best later.

And a special 👍 to Those Who Asked for a feature, but Understood That Allo v1 is just that: a 1.0 product That will improve increase every few weeks.
– Justin Uberti (@juberti) September 22, 2016

However, Allo has a technical advantage over Duo, the Message Preview technology which can kindly invite your contacts who do not use the application to install, without sending messages using other messaging application. Yes, its scope is now somewhat limited because it is still being tested.

On the other hand, Allo Duo has a problem that does not have the language. Google Assistant is an enormously language-dependent function and for now is only available in English and soon in Hindi. They are two of the most spoken languages worldwide, but this limitation leaves out much of the world population for which the wizard Google is today, totally useless.

Otherwise, Allo faces the same problem Duo, the need to convince millions of people to try and persist in using it. It is a difficult task and will likely see in the coming days also advertisements Allo and, what is more important, you end up seeing preinstalled on Androids future. Google Duo is already down to work with the pre-installation.

The start of #GoogleDuo preinstalls …
– Justin Uberti (@juberti) September 22, 2016

Does this assumes that the future of Allo and Duo are basically linked to Google we necessarily include Android willy-nilly? In the short term yes, although long-term more factors come into play as to what level to progress these applications and possible fiascos in other messaging applications that cause leakage of users, as happened to WhatsApp several times.

At the moment it is too early to bury forever Allo on the heap of failures messaging applications Google, but equally it is very optimistic to celebrate its five million downloads as a milestone. Really mean nothing.