GoButler A New Artificial Intelligence Comes to The iPhone

A digital assistant based on artificial intelligence? Sounds familiar right? Yes, if you’re thinking about Siri, effectively, you’re on track, but today we’ll not mention the suggestive female voice of the iPhone, but did not get a new application for iPhone GoButler service that uses the IA, or more specifically known as  Human Assisted AI (Haai) to make the user’s life more comfortable and relieve you of everyday tasks saving you time. Actually it is a kind of butler completely to our service we can write orders based primarily on reserves and product purchases.

Unlike Siri, which uses voice, this system uses text messaging as a way to interact with the user. The basic idea is that you can ask your personal assistant any product, book restaurants, hotel, or even ideas for a birthday, and drafted the petition using natural language, the system is able to propose a number of proposals. The best of the all is that the user can subsequently select the option that interests them and make a purchase or reservation.

Also in the Apple Watch :

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Based on artificial intelligence system that functions as a steward, has to have some kind of subscription costs and other similar services already on the market right? No, the brand says that the system is not only 100% free, but also does not increase prices at all costs reserves or acquired products. In this sense, we assume that the business model will be to charge a small fee to the businesses in which GoButler making the booking.

apple watch-gobuttler-techntrackFew more iOS Tips:

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The firm also announced that the arrival of the iPhone application comes with support for Apple Watch, so that users can make their requests orally through intelligent clock. Well, nice free, So what is the drawback of this product? The bad news is that, for now, is only available in the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Germany and the UK, but hopefully mark the tentacles extend the service to more countries.