Gmail Will Begin To Warn If You Receive An Email From A Non-secure Connection

Although Gmail has constantly updated and probably this is why it remailns one of the most used of-multinational products, the email service of the Mountain View prepares for yet another security system: a system capable of detect those received messages that have been sent from an unsafe unencrypted connection. If somebody managed to intercept those messages, it was pretty hefty to watch on them.


In addition it also warns the user of this source. Given that, according to experts, 43% of mails coming from other mail providers are not encrypted, it seems that his is not a bad idea to keep us safe.

Thus, the company announced the good news through an article in its official blog, a space in which he explained the origin and reasons that lie behind the initiative.

In fact, this part of a study with the University of Michigan and Illinois, the findings have revealed the evolution of Gmail-from December 2013 to October 2015 security, some improvements regarding encryption systems-all the messages exchanged between users of this platform are encriptados- and the use of HTTPS by default upon connection.


Moreover, the data argue that the number of emails encrypted service received from other suppliers in that time period, went from 33% to 61%, a percentage that reached 80% in the case of e -mails encrypted with TLS that were sent from Gmail (ie, the reverse process). According to figures also 94% of incoming messages can now be identified.

Although still lacking specific dates, it is estimated that the change (alerts) enters into force progressively over the coming months. “The threats are not going away, but studies like this allow industry suppliers and fight them with better weapons and protection,” the technology giant.