Gmail Introduced A Way to Undo Sent Mail On Gmail

Have you ever clicked on send button after composing an email and immediately realized that you had sent the message to the wrong person or maybe you have sent an angry or some stupid response only to regret as soon as you click to send an email.

Sometimes the consequences are really hard to face isn’t it ?

I guess some developers at google must have faced the same problem :p So they came up with a innovative solution, are thinking what it is ? lets find out.
So, now Gmail users can activate a function call–Undo Send. What it does is it will give up to 5,10,20 or 30 seconds (depending on your choice) to change your mind after you click on “Send Button”.

Steps to Undo Sent Mail On Gmail :

  1. First log into your Gmail account.
  2. click on the gear symbol on the top right .
  3. Then click on settings.
  4. Then if you scrol down you will find  undo_itum
  5. So you have to tick on check box, and you can select the cancellation period from 5 – 30  seconds.
  6. Then all you have to do is click on undo option which appear on the top of the page when you send a mail. gmail-undo-send

Isn’t it simple and useful.

Hope you find it this article useful and keep coming back to check out new content.