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How To Get Android And iphone Notifications Directly On PC

Many of us use phone or PC at once, but not both at once. It even becomes difficult for us to work on both PC and our phone simultaneously. Sometimes we even get an important notification on our phone, but due to some reasons we miss that. This may also be because we get a loads on notification on our phones and unexpectedly forget about them when you are working on your Windows or any other PC’s. Then you are lucky if you are even facing this problem and are looking to get android ios notifications on pc,because we are going to tell you about how to receive all of your iOS and android phone notifications on your PC in this post.

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To receive all your notifications from your android and iOS, you just don’t need to do any big task. The only thing that you need to do is download an app named  as Pushbullet. This is the app that is going to help you in getting all your notifications of your phone on your PC. So to clearly know on How to do that and even setup on for your phone you can follow the procedure below in the step by step manner.

What is Push Bullet?

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Pushbullet is a service that allows users to send your phone’s notification and even transfer files between your Phone and PC and even other devices that are connected on Pushbullet. This application works on all most of all types of Operating systems and even  on iOS or on Android devices. You can use this application even on cross platforms.

Setting up and using Pushbullet (Get android and mac notifications on pc)

  • The first and most important thing that you need to do to use Pushbullet is to Create a Pushbullet account. You can even use the one that you have, if you already have one or else you can create a new one using your Google account or Facebook account.get android ios notifications on pc 2
  • Now you need to Download the Pushbullet application on your mobile devices.
    Download for Android
    Download for iOS (Direct Download)

  • The next important thing to get phone notifications on your PC is to download the extension of Pushbullet for your browser that you are using. All most of all of the best browser are provided with a push bullet extensions in their Stores. You can download the extension even for your browser from list below as per your browser.Download for Chrome Browser
    Download for Mozilla Firefox Browser
    Download for Safari Browser
  • Activating and setting up Pushbullet on your devices is the next thing that you need to do. You cannot skip this step. Once you have done the steps above and have downloaded the applications and extensions even for your devices, then you need to login on your mobile device and on your Desktop application with your Pushbullet account.
    get android ios notifications on pc 1
    Then go to or open the Pushbullet and click on the two boxes and enable notifications. For this just click on and enable the Enable Pushbullet notifications and show my phones notification by checking on their respective boxes.
  • Now you are ready to use and get notifications of your mobile devices on your Desktop. You can also do get notifications on all other connected devices if you have given permissions.
    Other than this Pushbullet can also be used to share files between your devices.get android ios notifications on pc

There are many other alternates of Pushbullet, but the easy to use and most productive uses of this app makes it more optable when compared with other similar applications. It is also one of the most productive app for every kind of user. We hope you liked this article, if you have any doubts then feel free to ask us by commenting down below.