Gemini 2 | Clearing Out Duplicates for Better Mac Performance

Clean Your Mac Hard Drive of Duplicate Files with Gemini 2

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When your Mac houses all the important files and documents you need at work and for home, you want to make sure it is always in top condition. But throughout the years, your online activity combined with time spent on the Mac has caused wear and tear similar to other equipment.

You can perform all the standard cleaning and maintenance procedures to keep your Mac fine tuned and running smoothly but the truth is it will never be enough.

Many users of Mac and the PC believe that cleaning out the cache, deleting files and emptying the Trash bin are enough to free up storage space. But often times, they forget they may have created duplicate files which are no longer needed. Most of these have been stored away for ages in who- knows- where inside the Mac.

These duplicate files are taking up valuable storage space. Combined with leftover residue from deleting files, broken links, unwanted apps and widgets, you may find your Mac failing you at a time you need it the most.

Gemini 2 is an app that helps create more storage space in your Mac by finding duplicate files and eliminating them. For sure, most of you do your share in deleting duplicate files. It’s just that it takes too much time. Gemini 2 can get it done fast, clean and efficiently.

Here are the key features of the Gemini 2:

  1. Finds Duplicates and Eliminates Them – If you don’t have an idea where the duplicate files are stored, don’t worry because it will not matter to the Gemini 2.

It has the ability to find duplicate files anywhere in your Mac. Gemini 2 runs a comprehensive scan throughout your Mac in light- speed. It doesn’t matter how massive an area, the Gemini 2 will get it covered in no time.

All you need to do is click the Scan for Duplicates button to launch Gemini 2. The app will begin to build a map for your folders and moves to identify which files may be duplicates while at the same time give you a rundown of how much space can be reclaimed.

When duplicates are found, Gemini 2 will present a breakdown of the results. By hovering your mouse over the content, a circular ring will appear to guide you. From there, you can review the scan results which will display content in a grid or a list view. It will be identified as a duplicate or similar file.

You can also limit results to specific queries. When you have made your selections, you can remove the duplicate files by clicking a button on the bottom right corner. Gemini 2 also has the SmartSelect option which can do the search and destroy mission for you.

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Download Gemini 2 Free

  1. Search, Identify and Shred Similar Files – Perhaps during a tour of the Niagara Falls, you took different photos and uploaded it on your Mac so you can figure out later which ones would look the best on your portfolio.

You may have also downloaded several versions of Van Halen’s “Mean Street”: live, re-mastered, remakes and HD to see which ones deserve space on your music list.

Over time you forgot about these similar files and they have contributed to the deteriorating performance of your Mac. These similar files are space wasters much like duplicate files.

Gemini 2 will search, identify and procure your similar photos of the Niagara Falls. It will leave to your discretion which images will be shredded or retained.

Gemini 2 will search, identify and retrieve those versions of “Mean Street”. Eddie Van Halen may shred a good guitar but some of those versions will be shredded by Gemini 2.

  1. Incorporates Smart Technology – Gemini 2’s algorithm remembers how you select the duplicates and similar files to delete. It keeps track of your process and learns from them.

Gemini 2 has the ability to pick out the copies from the originals. It knows which versions you would want untouched and kept intact. It does this by testing the copies versus the originals by applying them to nearly a dozen different parameters.

  1. User- Friendly – Like most of the apps for Mac, Gemini 2 was designed to be user- friendly, navigable and very accessible. It makes things simpler and easier to do. You only need a few clicks to find duplicate files, similar files and have them eliminated.

It also has contingency features after all, mistakes can happen any time. So when Gemini 2 eliminates a file, by default it leaves them in the Trash Bin. If for some reason you realize it was a mistake and decide to bring the duplicate or similar file back, one click will get it done.

However, if you want the file deleted off the face of your Mac, one click and Gemini 2 will get it done for you. It could also store it in a far- away folder if that is your call.

Whatever you want done, Gemini 2 will do it for you.

Should you buy the Gemini 2?

Maintaining storage space is very important to ensure the performance of your Mac. Gemini 2 provides another solution to recovering storage space other than just eliminating unnecessary files, apps and widgets.

The original version was already quite good. MacPaw has made it even better. Gemini 2 is a good acquisition for only $20.

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