FixWin 10 For Fixing the problems of Windows 10

The last and latest member (windows10) of the Windows family has given many joys to Microsoft, but that does not mean that the operating system is free of problems. The Redmond giant does everything possible to eliminate the sharp edges, however, there are many users out there demanding specific solutions. FixWin 10 is the latest version of the classic tool FixWin, and as its name suggests, offers several options to repair or restore damaged functions in Windows 10.


Windows 10 was three months on the market, and more than 110 million devices under their wings no doubt that Redmond’s strategy for its new operating system is succeeding. It is also true that many of those copies are free, and the debate over issues such as privacy and data collection did not lower its temperature. At the same time, Redmond decided to increase the pressure on the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to give the jump to Windows 10, with more frequent and mysterious suggestions “errors” in Windows Update. Many users came to the conclusion that it is better to wait, and have very good reasons for this. The technical problems of Windows 10 are the order of the day, and include things like WiFi failures, spitting strange errors in Store, updates that never end being discharged, and the start menu does not open at all.

winfix 10

At this point FixWin 10 comes to save the day, the latest version of the tool FixWin 10 provides the user with the same options repair and configuration compatible with previous Windows editions of FixWin, but the new Windows 10 only section presents solutions to problems like “Windows Component Store”, the disappearance of WiFi after updateing the new system, applications store that never downloaded, and a recurring theme as the start menu does not open when I lived in own meat twice.


Another good parameter FixWin 10 is the ability to disable onedrive, which begins with the operating system and automatically synchronizes files, devouring battery and bandwidth without notice. Personally, the most interesting aspect of FixWin 10 is explaining what the repair is about, and provides details in case you want to manually perform the repair. FixWin 10 takes up less than 300 kilobytes, and needs no formal installation, but Windows 10 will report it as a dangerous program after its implementation, warning can be safely ignored (false positive). If Windows 10 throws tantrums in your computer, be sure to try.