First 8 Games of PS2 Arrived To PlayStation 4

Sony will go great with your PlayStation 4, and last week told that they had managed to overcome the 30.2 million units sold in its first two years of life. But they do not settle and seems to want to keep adding to nostalgia base, Yesterday they announced the first eight games of the old PlayStation 2, which will arrive officially to form the new console.

playstation games

It was the middle of last month when Japan revealed they were working to bring some of the best titles from your old PlayStation console to 4. And and will be starting today in Europe and the United States.

The games come with a resolution that will rise to 1080, and several of them will move at a rate of 60 fps. They also implement various functions of the PlayStation 4, all having their own collection of trophies and supporting functions such as Play Share the possibility to broadcast live our games and the second screen.

The titles will be available on the PlayStation Store starting today, but has not finalized the exact time, when you can start buying.Here are the list of the eight games and their prices in dollars.
As they become available to new updated prices.

  1. Dark Cloud – US $ 14.99
  2. Grand Theft Auto III – US $ 14.99
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City – 14.99 dollars
  4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – US $ 14.99
  5. Rogue Galaxy – US $ 14.99
  6. The Mark of Kri – 14.99 dollars
  7. Twisted Metal: Black – 9.99 dollars
  8. War of the Monsters – 9.99 dollars

The “Backward Compatability” of PlayStation 4 disappoints :

Microsoft has launched the Xbox One backward compatibility with over 100 games for Xbox 360. And this is another important point, which rescues her backward titles of the previous generation, which is still being sold in stores. Sony, meanwhile, has decided to forget about PlayStation 3 and return back another generation, which obviously prevents stop PS3 sold, but has caused the dissatisfaction of users. However, I accept this point, we have to pay $ 15 for a game like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a price that certainly is extortionate, even for players who had paid for an identical digital version in PlayStation 3. So therefore, both the prices and the catalog and return to an outdated generation are the points that have not pleased the Sonyers.

Announcement Trailer :