Firefox To Block Flash Content From August

The Mozilla Firefox browser, as we previously reported that the company will begin to block Flash content “that is not essential to the user experience” from August 2016, thus helping to slow but more than announced disappearance one of the most used in the past by countless websites plugins.

Firefox To Block Flash Content From AugustThis movement is basically the beginning of the end of Flash on Firefox browser, but this measure is only the beginning, since 2017 the intention is to block default all this content to adopt a policy click to select something Chrome already does, and force the user to manually allow execution on all websites (already partially done).

The intention, of course, is to force web developers to stop using the Adobe plug-in or Microsoft Silverlight and start using HTML adopt as soon as possible technologies. In recent years, emphasis has been placed precisely in this, and large sites like Youtube and have done.

The company expects crashes in August and browser errors related to the implementation of Flash by 10%, while improving security, battery life, time of loading pages, reduce and ultimately that the user experience with your browser even better.

In its blog, Mozilla has also shared a graph which shows how errors or unexpected shutdowns Firefox dropped considerably when YouTube and Facebook stopped using Flash video playback, replacing HTML5 as planned.

But this movement that Mozilla has taken is simply a decision that the industry is already very clear, with giants like Google, Microsoft and especially Apple leading the struggle for the complete disappearance of this plugin. In fact, Adobe itself requested in December to abandon the use of Flash.

So what are you thoughts on this issue, feel free to comment on it and let me know your views till then keep browsing 🙂