Lara Croft GO 2.0 Now With New Levels In Google Play

If you’re past the great adventure of puzzles that offers Lara Croft GO of Square Enix, or if you have not played this cool game, for Android, we have very good news

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With the launch of its new update to version 2.0 The content of Lara Croft game GO grows with a new adventure, a new chapter “The cave fire” that gives us 26 new puzzles in a mysterious place and a new mechanism that completely changes the behavior of the enemies, well accompanied a new relics to collect, a new outfit and new achievements.

In this new version of the game also introduces a new feature to make screenshots, its translation into Traditional Chinese and a new language selection menu.
With this update, Lara Croft GO happens to have over 101 puzzles divided into 6 chapters, and to celebrate this and we’re in the Black Friday, the game has gone from costing 230Rs or around 4$.

Game Trailer :


Android version: from 4-1
Developer: SQUARE ENIX
Download it on: Google Play
Price: 2.99 with integrated shopping
Category: Puzzle