Facebook Ready To Introduce Tool To Catch Imposters

Identity theft have become a simple and common thing nowadays, more dangerous is that someone impersonating us on social networks, especially in countries where a word or comment offending someone can put you in danger. Verified profiles were a first step that occurred some years ago to fight this scenario, but not enough to leave the average user protected.

Facebook seems to want to take a new step in this direction, and as reported by Mashable since November FB has quietly implementing a tool that automatically alert you if someone is impersonating you by using your name or profile photo. They have not made big announcements yet, but gradually will enable this tool around the world.

In words to Mashable, the Facebook Head of Global Security Antigone Davis said to have listening to the feedback from the round tables that have been performing around the world with users, activists and NGOs, paying special attention to the concerns of women. “It’s a real source of concern for some women in certain regions of the world where identity theft can have cultural and social ramifications.”

How does the tool work?

1366_2000When Facebook detects that someone might be impersonating you, it sends an automatic notification alerting on that profile. This notification prompts you to say if that person is doing it on purpose or if someone happens to have the same name or profile photo.

All profiles that are marked as phishers are then analyzed by hand, by a team of workers in the social network. As mentioned above , this utility is being tested since November and has already been implemented in 75% of the world, with plans to continue expanding it in the near future.

As a result of discussions in the roundtables, Facebook is also beginning to test tools to fight another practice that can cause us social and economic problems: when someone shares without permission intimate images in which we appear.

In this case, when we report a photo appearing naked in Facebook have the option to identify as the person shown in the image. Doing automatically alert support groups for victims of abuse, and the possible legal action will be set to action.