Facebook Messenger For Android Now Lets You Manage SMS

It is clear that Facebook is looking for every possible way to keep us as long as possible within its ecosystem of applications and services. In this sense, they have now integrated support for SMS messages on your messaging application for Android. Thus, users of Facebook Messenger for Android, while maintaining the chat conversations that have kept so far, will also be able to send and receive SMS messages from now. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp may not be direct competition, it is already known that both are adoptive sisters. But there they are: competing for a million users scratching the opposite. SMSMessengerFacebook-Android
Curiously re-enable the management of SMS messages in Facebook Messenger when this possibility first landed in 2012 but was withdrawn a year later. Then earlier this year, Facebook began testing the possibility of reintroducing SMS messages in Messenger, which now becomes a reality.

The deployment is starting today “for most countries,” according to David Marcus, director of  Facebook, who considers Messenger as the best client for SMS messages on Android, referring to the whole evolution that has suffered this application over time.

It is curious to copy (or inspire) in one of the features available to date of Hangouts. It is also curious that there is also a client for Android to manage SMS messages called Messenger, which could lead to confusion among users: two customers to manage SMS messages and called Messenger.

It is mandatory to add the phone number to the app to manage SMS, so this step is a step backwards in privacy if you did not want to share the number with Facebook. Thus, the contact list will be mixed with those who are in the courier and phonebook contacts and can send an SMS in case one of these contacts is not available or not we have among our added to Facebook.

Messenger not only have new features in SMS, we can also use multiple accounts within Messenger. This may not have much sense for regular users, but it expands the options for those who are in charge of professional accounts and famous, for example.

Facebook also expands the horizons for local businesses

Beyond Messenger, the social network launches a search of nearby physical stores around our location so that we can reach them using our mobile. It also offers various types of services for local businesses such as measuring the effectiveness of ads, sales in physical trading and optimization of future campaigns based on all the data collected.

fbMarcus invites users to give it a try, perhaps wanting Facebook Messenger should become almost single application for managing messages through mobile devices. So far it has not indicated anything about bringing this new version of the Facebook Messenger for iOS devices.

As always, users will have the final word in deciding which applications to use and for what purposes on their mobile devices.