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Facebook Battles The Adblockers With Ads That Can’t Be Blocked

Late last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, warned investors of the danger posed by the rise of ad blockers, adblockers, for the accounts of the social network.

Now Facebook has started to fight with a new type of advertising that makes it useless blocking advertising developed by software companies as AdBlock, yes, it allows the user to customize which ads the user wants to see.facebook-adpreferences 2

The company explains that when ads “are relevant and well done, can be useful to help us find new products, services and introduce us to new experiences” in this way “will begin showing ads on the desktop version of Facebook for people who currently use a ad blocking software, “explains Andrew Bosworth, vice president and business ad platform Facebook.

With the aim of making the advertising useful to the user, the network explains how you can customize the interests of each ad displayed while allowing him to know why he aperecen to a particular subject.

The truth is that advertising has become the mainstay of the company grew 63% in its fiscal second quarter, generating 6,239 million dollars in revenue, ie about 84%. These figures achieved by showing ads to all users, whether registered or not, but said that advertising does not increase.

While the company has unveiled its new advertising has also lambasted the form of whitelisting software offered as AdBlock Plus, which have allegedly accessed other giants like Amazon, Google or Microsoft.

Desktop version :

desktop-version look

“Some companies ad blocking accept money in exchange for display ads before blocking, a practice that confuses people, reduce the funds necessary to support journalism and other free services we like on the web. Facebook is one of those ads free services and support our mission of giving people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. instead of paying advertising companies to unlock the ads that block us something that some of these companies have invited us to do in the past are putting control in the hands of people with our updated ad preferences and control of advertising “, wields Bosworth.