Equalicious for Windows Phone Will Test Your Math skills

Equalicious is a game for Windows Phone that challenges us to order different numbers and symbols to make equality or to balance the mathematical equation. This is similar to tiles all you have to do is slide the number and symbol to get a balanced equation.


Equalicious has a good graphic quality, but especially pretty challenging levels that will make us to think about what the best combination of moves to complete. Definitely the best math game for all age groups.

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Some Of The Game Features

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  • We arrange different boxes with numbers and symbols to achieve compliance various equalities.
  • The game will progress with equations in vertical and horizontal cross each other.
  • We also have with other aid which cost gold- to give us the level we’re playing. equalicious_mathgame

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  • If we spend all the available movements lose a life, it will recharge itself or we can buy.
  • Graphically it is attractive and works smoothly, although the tutorial can be a little dense because it continues at various levels.
  • It has Xbox Live achievements.
  • Also Has 72 levels to play.


Equalicious is a free and fun for those who like this genre game. You can download it directly from the app store.