Episode Calendar is on Google

Episode calanderThis application, which runs through the browser, can develop an agenda to mark seen chapters. Episode Calendar is an application that allows to develop a personal agenda of television series through their own Internet browser. Through its official website, the user can create a calendar as the series you’re following, and then export it to already have created through Google.

episode calenderThe application requires a personal account, from there, add the series that the user is following and mark the citations chapters. Thus, the system provides updates on the publication of certain chapters and provides statistics on how long the user has been watching series. This is complemented by social choices as add friends through the series have seen, provide recommendations to the user. A very significant feature is the ability to export the calendar to Google Calendar. To do this,

  • you must go to the EpisodeCalendar settings option and then click on RSS / iCal Feed.
  • Once there, you must copy the address listed in iCal and then go to Google Calendar and paste it into the “Add by URL” available on the Other tab calendars.

The popularity of online EpisodeCalendar follows the increased interest in the series between people worldwide, either through television or online content platforms like Netflix. This application, like other such Tviso, aims to help users organize the viewing of chapters.