Encrypto – The Best Way to Protect Your Files

Protect Your Mac Files With Encrypto


E-mail is the most popular way to communicate. It is fast, convenient and you can be as detailed as you want with content and attachments. With mobile becoming the dominant source for online traffic, e-mail transmissions are becoming more frequent. This is why people often check their e-mails at least 5 times a day.

But e-mail was not designed with security and protection in mind. The content you send and its attachments are subject to other prying eyes. A little security can go a long way when it comes to business and personal communication.

With Encrypto, it is not just a little security we’re talking about but AES- 256 Encryption. This is the one of the best security programs available for data encryption and is the standard adopted by the National Security Agency or NSA for all US government agencies.

Encrypto is a Mac application that wraps your files with AES- 256 encryption before sending them out. It is simple and easy to use. You only have to drag and drop a file into a small window, add a password, click “Encrypt” and the files are fully protected by AES- 256 encryption and ready to go. You can drag- and- drop a collection of files to Encrypto.

Here are the key features of Encrypto:

  1. Password Hint – For the most part, you may probably relay the password to the recipient via phone or message. But either way is not secure. The recipient may forget the password or have the message stolen.

With Encrypto, you have the option to include a hint; a clue that only the recipient can decipher.

For example you can post a question, “What is the name of the restaurant where we had our first meeting?”

  1. Covers Varied Ways of Transmission – It doesn’t matter how you send files:
  • E-mail
  • Messages
  • AirDrop
  • DropBox
  • USB stick

Encrypto will still have them protected and secured with AES- 256 encryption.

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Download Encrypto For Free

  1. Encrypt Saved Files – Do you want to secure your own files? Run them through Encrypto and save them on your disk. They will be protected with the same AES- 256 encryption.
  1. Hide Original Files – Encrypto is integrated with Hider 2, an app which works to hide important files.

If you have important or highly confidential files, utilize Hider 2 to add another layer of data protection. With Hider 2, the original files are hidden from everyone except you.

Encrypto is free and available for either the OS X or Windows operating systems. If you’re using a Mac, Encrypto works in combination with the OS X Share Menu extension. It can deliver encrypted files whether you are using Mail, Messages, AirDrop and other apps that are compatible with it.

Encrypto will create a new e-mail or message and include a brief description of what the file is about. It will also all a convenient link for the recipient should he or she decide to download the Encrypto app at no charge.

For those who use Evernote, you the option to include a description before uploading the archive to your account. This happens in the background where it is possible that the target application isn’t even open.

You also have the option to save encrypted files to disk. You may decide to use this option if you plan to transport archives on other media that will be uploaded to services that don’t have extension support.

There are also limitations to using Encrypto if you plan to transfer encrypted files via AirDrop between your Mac and an iPhone. The reason for this is there is no iOS version available that can accept the transfer of encrypted files.

Not only is Encrypto fast, easy and simple to use. It is also easy on the eyes. You will notice that as the app encrypts a file, an animation will appear to scan the thumbnail from bottom top with digitized zeroes and ones. It will be wrapped in a yellow crypto icon which looks great with Encrypto’s user interface.

Perhaps the only inconvenience users of Encrypto may experience is there may be times where you will forget to open the app. Encrypto is integrated with the Hider 2 app. It would be better if other apps could be accessed automatically with it. But for now this will do.

While Encrypto can be used on OS X and Windows operating systems, if you send encrypted files to recipients who use Linux or Chrome, they will not be able to open them.

Another potential inconvenience for users of Encrypto would be that it may annoy you with persistent reminders to share anonymous usage data with its developer. This happens whenever you quit using the app unless you give in and choose this option. A modest in- app purchase would have been more advisable.

encrypto download free

So let’s sum everything up with Encrypto.

Should you use Encrypto?

First, the Good:

  • It’s free
  • Uses AES- 256 encryption program
  • Fast, easy to use
  • User friendly interface
  • Cross Platform availability for OS X and Windows operating systems
  • OS X Share Menu extension support
  • Encrypts files regardless of method of transmission
  • Capability to encrypt saved files
  • Integrated with Hider 2 app for another layer of protection

The “Not So Good”:

  • Pesters users with sharing usage data before closing the app
  • No sharing of encrypted files between Mac and iOS via AirDrop
  • There are limitations to Shared Menu compatibility

You really cannot complain about the limitations of Encrypto. It’s a great, cost- effective way to protect your files with one of the highest standards of data encryption available in the market.

In this day and age where hacking and data security breaches are becoming more prevalent, any support or advantage that you can bring over to your side will be a welcome relief.

So if you want to feel less paranoid about your e-mail getting hacked by spurious individuals, go download Encrypto now.