Encrypt Windows10 With BitLocker And Security Your Pc


BitLocker is a security feature which is available in Professional and Enterprise versions of Windows 10 that encrypts the data of a computer. In this way we protect ourselves from “offline attacks” those made by disabling or preventing the operating system installed.

It also protects data in the event of attacks by physically removing the hard drive for example in cases of loss of equipment. The theft or loss of laptops, tablets or smartphones is a scourge in the millions of units per year throughout the world, with special emphasis on premium equipment such as Ultrabooks or 2 1 / convertible valuable professionals.

BitLocker helps to ensure that users can read and write data to the drive only when they have the password, smart card credentials or when using the data drive on a BitLocker protected computer that has the proper key. BitLocker can be activated in the drive operating system (the drive on which Windows 10 is installed) in a disk drive data sets (such as an internal hard drive or SSD) or a data drive removable (like a pendrive USB flash drive).

Enabling BitLocker is easy from the tool located in the Windows 10 control panel . If you are interested safeguarding data on your computer and use the Professional and Enterprise versions of Windows 10.