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Google Maps For Android Adds Colorful Emoticons To Personalize Your Locations

Have you noticed these new emoticons on your google maps on android, If you haven’t checked it try it now. Google announced a new feature found in the latest update of Google Maps for Android. The ability to customize the locations of your home and work with some colorful emoticons.

The Google team has left it to your imagination and there are dozens of emoticons to choose to represent our sweet home and our work address. There is something for everyone, from castles to igloo, dragons, mills, as shown in the picture.

Google-mapsandroidFor those who have never used the option to save locations in your home and work, they can do if they want, in a few steps. First they have to ensure they have logged in with your Google account and then go to “Your Places”, where you will find the options for entering addresses for work and home.

To continue with this procedure must take into account the need to activate the “web and applications Activity” option. Once we checked in the corresponding direction and will be saved in the application, and see that greatly simplify the dynamics by using Google Maps.

And if they already have the update that we have discussed, do not forget to give a fun touch to your home and workplace with new emoticons.