Download Turbo C++ for Windows 7, XP, 8 and 8.1(32/64bit) Laptop

Are you looking a way to run your c and c++ programs on your windows 7 and windows 8 desktop and laptops then you need to check this post as  the Turbo C and C++ compiler from Borland does not work good on the 64 bit computers and laptop in fullscreen,

Don’t worry in this post we will show you how you can run the c and c++ programs on your windows 8 and windows 7 laptops without any trouble.

Since the compiler can’t support the 64 bit computers and can’t work full screen in latest windows computer the third party developers had come forward and created a modified version of the boranld turbo c and c++ compiler which runs in DOS Box. Running this application is so easy. All you need to do is just download the file and run the installation of the compiler and on your computer.


  •     Fullscreen Running
  •     Single installer
  •     No Configuration require!
  •     Supports Windows 7 and Windows 8

Download Turbo C and C++ compiler for Windows 7 and 8 Desktop/Laptop

  •     Download the Application from here Download Link
  •     Run the Installation of the file.
  •     Now open the location where the file is installed.(Default in C drive)
  •     And open click on the shortcut in the folder.
  •     That’s it now you can run the Turbo C and C++ on your computers.