Download GarageBand For Windows PC and Laptops [ Windows 7 8 and 10 ]

This is really amazing to see what computers can do nowadays, we can communicate with people around the world with just simple finger movements. we can video chat with facetime, skype,hangouts and  chat with imessages, whatsapp share media content like pictures and videos with instagram & everything else you name it and you will find piece of technology which can do it.


With this thought i was searching for some music system simulators on my iphone and boom there was this cool and amazing app Garageband, one of the most popular music apps that Apple has ever created. With this program, you can do hundreds of things like record audio, edit songs, mixing rhythms, add effects and virtually anything that you can think in terms of music. 

But one hurdle is that this app was available only for ios & mac meaning only for apple devices. However, if you do not have an Apple iOS device or computer, that does not mean your passion for music is not going to be able to enjoy the latest technical developments. There is a way to use Garageband for Windows.


The basic version includes four instruments: Smart Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Audio Recorder, leaving out the collection of amplifiers to connect our Guitar Amp guitar, sampler or intelligent instruments Smart Drums, Smart String, Smart Keyboard and Smart Bass, staying as a kind of sufficient demo version which only seek to quench playing around their music but insufficient for those of you with a higher aspirations concerns.

Apple has decided to experiment with GarageBand offering it free of charge to everyone and charging its old 4.49 euros only those who want the complete collection of instruments and sounds.

Some Awesome Features of GarageBand :

  •      Create rhythms with acoustic and electronic drums.
    • Record your voice with the built-in microphone and apply funny sound effects.
    • Recreate legendary guitar melodies by nine ten amplifiers and effects pedals.
    • Use the Sampler to create instruments from sounds you recorded and then tap them on a keyboard.
    • Record music with my other manufacturers directly compatible with GarageBand Inter-App Audio garage-band-for-pc
  •   Mount a jam session with friends.
    • The tempo, the key, the rhythm and chords are automatically synchronized with the group leader.
    • Improvise with any touch or real instrument, either an electric guitar or voice.
    • The group leader automatically collects recordings of all members to mix and share it in a song.garageband-apple
  • Share your songs
    • Have all your songs always GarageBand updated on all iOS devices with iCloud Drive .
    • Create alerts and custom ringtones for your devices.
    • Share your songs directly to Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud.
    • Send Email songs right from GarageBand.screen640x640

Steps On How to Install GarageBand for Windows PC :

We are going to use Ipadian iOS emulator for this process. So just follow these steps to download and Install GarageBand app on your PC easily.

  • Firstly you have to download Ipadian iOS emulator from Here
  • Now install it and then search for ” GarageBand ” app through search bar.
  • Select the app and click on Install (this will take some time depending on your Internet download speed as this application needs to be downloaded)
  • The app will now appear on your menu
  • After installing click on Facetime app and start using it .

Thats it as simple as that 😛  now go Make some music and share them with the world. Who knows your Awesome music can get viral on the internet. Good luck with that 😉

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