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Facetime For PC: If you are an iOS or Mac OS X user, then you would already know about this video calling app – FaceTime. FaceTime is the default app on all Apple products: iPhone, iPad  and all Mac computers.

Unfortunately Facetime for Windows and Android users is not available officially, but now non-apple users can also enjoy the features of the Facetime app by following this post – i will explain you in detail steps on how to use Facetime on your Windows  8, Windows 7 PC’s and laptops . Before we go into the details on “how to use Facetime on PC”  lets get to  know a few things about this app. If you are familiar with using this video chat app, you can scroll down and view the instructions on how to install it on your PC.

Facetime App is available absolutely for free of cost.With this app you can have a video conference with your friends,family office  and any one easily. You can use this app on Wi-Fi or Data plan for free conversation with your friends. You can always be touch with your nearest one who uses Facetime on their compatible gadget too facetime for windows.

For android users check out Skype for PC

Facetime is a great application for video conference’s. You can easily connect with the people you like and use these wonderful feature .

Features of Facetime for Windows 8 and Windows 10 PC/Laptop:

  •  No need to set up a special account or screen name.
  •  User can download Facetime on your device for free.
  •  Have a clear conversation with other Facetime users.
  • Share what you see with the back camera.
  •  Can make video conference with group of your buddies.
  •  Easy to use and Install on any platform.
  • Friendly user interface and better Navigation in app.
  • Better UI Design to match user preference and likeness.

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Specifications required to Download Facetime for Windows PC:

So to run the Facetime app on your PC you need to have some specs and match the below requirements. I would recommend to check whether your PC is compatible with the app or not:
  •  Firstly the Windows version should be XP/7/8/vista
  •  PC should have minimum 2GB RAM
  •  CPU must be Single core 1Ghz
  •  You should have Headset/ Microphone connected
  •  A Webcam also be connected on your PC
  •  The internet should have a minimum Bandwidth of 512 kbps

Steps for How to Install FaceTime for PC / Laptop [Windows 10 and Windows 8]

We are going to use Ipadian iOS emulator for this process. So just follow these steps to download and Install Facetime app on your PC easily.

  • Firstly you have to download Ipadian iOS emulator from Here
  • Now download the FaceTime .Apk file from here.
  • Select the app and click on Install (this will take some time depending on your Internet download speed as this application needs to be downloaded)
  • The app will now appear on your menu
  • After installing click on Facetime app and start using it.

Thats it as simple as that 😛 now go get socialized and get connected to the people you like around the world.

bluestacks free app player download

We would like to here from you so do comment and feel free to ask anything you wanna know .

Remember we are always here for you to Track the tech you need 😉 .good luck happy surfing :)

And remember if you want to use facetime you should have Apple ID and so that you can login into iCloud from iCloud Login

facetime for pc

FAQ on Facetime for PC:

Are Facetime calls free?

Yes. It is completely free, You need to pay only for the data connection that the app will be using.So you can call anyone using facetime on apple devices and on windows pc to make free calls.

What is the call Qualtiy Facetime?

The call qualtiy of facetime app is really so good, When compared to other alternatatives to facetime for PC, But the thing is you should also keep in mind that if the network (data connection) you are using to make facetime calls is poor then there will a dip in the quality of the facetime calls, And video calls.

Is Facetime for Android available?

Facetime is developed by Apple for only Apple devices iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6iPhone 5s and iPads, And Apple has no plans to support the app on other platforms like Android and Windows so there is no officail way to use facetime on Android. But don’t worry and get down, We are here to help you run Facetime on Android. We have tested run facetime on our Android phones and will update every soon, Keep checking the post to run facetime on android.

Will Facetime work on WiFi?

Yes facetime works great on WiFi and We always recommend you to use facetime on WiFi better call quality and to decrease the data charges on your mobile number.

Is Facetime Available in my Country?

Yes Facetime is available in every country around the world, You can install facetime on your windows pc and android and use freely without any issues of blocking in countries.

Is Facetime alternative to Skype?

Not really a alternative to Skype, Both has theri pros and cons in using them for making free calls. If you are apple fan then you can use facetime, else you can use Microsoft’s Skype and enjoy free calls.

If you want to make free calls from windows PC without facetime then check out nanu for pc and viber for pc

If you are having any trouble in using Facetime on your computer and looking for the best alternatives to make free video calls then do check these posts.

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  1. facetime is good but, Hangouts is simple to use and it only requires a Google+ account and, it can work directly in a computer browser. But if you want to connect with friends and family who are active on facetime i think this is cool .
    nice post admin

  2. I have been testing video chat apps and i found face time best because
    It has the best overall video chat experience, there were no dropped calls which often happens with skype. i am pretty happy to use facetime on pc

  3. Facetime is such an app which actually justifies it’s name ” this is the only video chat app i felt provides a real face to face conversation” and i believe next update of skype and google hangouts will also provide a better on call experience.

  4. FaceTime is Apple’s version of Skype, Google Hangouts or video. It allows anyone with a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone, iPad or video chat with others in real time but now looking at this i think i am wrong :p facetime will surely can be used in windows pc

  5. I this is really a great way to use facetime, If at some point in the future, Apple creates a FaceTime Android, then you will be able to use an emulator to run it on your PC. Until then, iPadian is the only useful iOS emulator that can emulate iPhone and iPad applications on your PC or Mac.

  6. Skype is probably the video chat applications more known in the world. The great thing about Skype is that it can be used on almost any device worldwide, PC to Mac to Linux, iPhone to Android to Windows Phone, etc

  7. I think this is really awesome if you could do that in your pc but just in case if you can not do it i think these alternatives will do just fine.
    google hangouts
    Yik Yak Online
    tango messenger

  8. This is exiting the interface is clean and elegant and super easy. I am using the application for the first time, and it is so simple and not at all difficult to start my first conversation. Cool!!!!!!!!! thanks for the info