Difference between Modem and Router

Modem and Router are   the devices we use to connect  to the internet and they both are  like small box with or with out antenna (most of the times we find antenna), most people know they are  different but don’t know how they are they different in particular

Lets start with Router:- Router is a networking device which work at network layer,it  is used  to make many devices access internet with single IP address in other words reduces the problem of address depletion in IP4 address space  it does this thing by   assigning   private IP address to the device which are connected to it  with the help of   protocols like  NAT,DHCP


the WAN  port you see in the figure is the port for internet connection for the router most commonly it is given by ISP by Ethernet cable(RJ45)

the pure route can only understand and rout  digital sign  we can not give a analog  signal carrying cable to it directly from our land line

  • the LAN ports are to connect device which are not WIFI enabled
  • there is an antenna for wireless connection


Now Lets see about Modem:– Modem is a networking device which is operated at Data-link layer ,what it does  is  convert the Analog signal into Digital signal, if your accessing net through a modem then your modem is connected to a telephone wire which  caries analog signals, telephone bandwidth is high so internet is also provided through telephone wire , in most cases modem can give internet connection to only one device if they do not use any switch

adsl modem

in the above figure you can see a port called ADSL(Asymmetric digital subscriber line) which is a analog in put give from your phone to the modem with  RJ11 cable


you can now see the connection fro phone to Modem ,from Modem to your computer

  •       The major difference between router and modem is modem converts analog to digital signal where as route is used to give multiple connections with help of private address and single  global  IP address
  • router works at network layer modem at data link layer
  • in most cases the Ethernet connection from modem is give as input to router

Now a days features of modem and router are combined to form a device  like ADSL wireless router