How to Detect the Keyloggers in Cyber Cafe

Detecting the keyloggers has become important step while using the others computer and public computers in cyber cafes. It is really important that users at cyber cafes should be cautious before typing in your account details.


What is a Key-Logger ?

Key-logger is a small software which can track and store all the things that you are doing on the computer i.e it can store all the data including the keystores which include sensitive data like passwords and there are some key loggers
which can even take the screen shot of your active desktop and send them to the hacker………

How does it enters in to Computer ?

Key-loggers are small softwares and they can be easily sent to any one in many ways directly and indirectly usually they are sent by the hackers when you download the content from internet from untrusted sites…………….

Getting Rid of Key-loggers

Using Best Anti-Virus:

The best way to get rid of the Key-loogers is to use the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware.
You must update them regularly………..
Here is a list of some Best Antivirus;

  • Norton
  • Avg
  • Quick-Heal
  • Kaspersky

Using Anti-Keyloggers :

To make your system more safe you can use the the Anti-Keyloggers
I suggest you to use the Cyberhawk and Kaspersky and you get the Microsoft tool for this purpose
you get the Microsoft from here

Using the Tools:

These tools are so help full to those who want to access the internet from the Cyber-cafe or any other public devices…….

1.)PSM AntiKeylogger
This is a wonderful tool which helps you to check whether there is a keylogger installed in computer or not….If it finds the key logger it will report.

This is a best software for the Windows XP


This is a best free ware for this purpose………

4.) I Hate Key-loggers
Free ware to block the key loggers in windows……

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