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Datawind Launches Smartphones With Free Internet

Remember Akash tablet the cheapest tabs for students released few years back the same company Datawind now introducing Low-cost internet connectivity and wireless web access products launched its affordable smartphone range, which will come with free unlimited internet browsing for one year.

The PocketSurfer 2G4Priced at Rs.1,999, is a 3.5-inch, dual SIM, EDGE network compatible smartphone and the PocketSurfer 3G4 is a 4 inch, dual SIM, dual camera, 3G network compatible smartphone priced at Rs.2,999.

Other smartphone PocketSurfer 3G5 Priced at Rs.5,499 the 5-inch has been upgraded to include a year of free web browsing, the statement said.


“We are passionate about technology and access that enables and empowers the common man to achieve more in every conceivable way,” said Suneet Singh Tuli, president & CEO, DataWind.

lareon added “With this new range of ultra-low cost smartphones, powered with free internet access by India’s leading network, we hope to ignite a spark that will revolutionise India’s movement towards achieving its grand vision of a Digital India,”.

Gurdeep Singh, CEO, consumer business, Reliance Communications said “We are delighted to partner with DataWind and offer unlimited data for 12 months on our high-speed GSM data network, which will lead to a unique user experience on the PocketSurfer smartphones”.