How To Customizing The Volume Of All Application On Android

How to fully customize volume of all the apps

In our Android terminal we have many applications running with sounds or some kind of background music. Whether a media player, an app messaging or e-mail manager, you may want to configure and customize the volume that runs each. Well, now you can accomplish this and customize volume.
customize volume
Like for example, you can set a specific volume to Spotify, some other level of volume for whatsapp and so on. Another use is to predetermine a volume of notifications and calls down or muted when you open multimedia applications like YouTube or a music player to avoid interruptions, because the settings that indicated below are quite simple.

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Download App Volume Control

The first thing to do to enjoy personalized audio Volume Control App is to download it from Google Play, as all the settings can be set only from this free app. Once installed you just have to open it and allow the implementation of integrated plug-in application to click where it says “CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SERVICES CONFIGURATION SCREEN“. Accessibility settings will open.

Now click where it says: “App Volume Control Service“, then activated in the upper right corner, click OK and ready.
After configuring the plugin for the proper functioning of the application, you only have to configure a per application factors multimedia, audio calls, alarm notifications and system as you wish. Do not forget to save the settings you make.
customize app volume
As you can see it is a very useful application and you can pickup the audio you want. After trying it I could see that it works very well. Do not worry if you think that the level or intensity of the audio can not be changed later in the applications you can set it, Volume Control App modifies the default volume, but it can go up and down normally for any app.

I guess you find this app useful and simple enough to use also works very well with out any hanging problem. Share this info with your friends and let me know if you have a better application or trick to customize volume of various apps in android. Let me know through comments.