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How To Copy And Paste Text, Image, Screenshot Or Link Between Multiple Devices

Have you ever felt the need to open a link on your mobile in your pc/laptop or vice versa. Have you ever wondered how you would share a text in one device to another device, Well normally what i do is send the text via some messaging apps like whatsapp, Facebook messenger or worst case through email or by typing it by hand(copy and paste).

So today i will show you some ways in which you will be able to share your content between multiple devices also which let you copy and paste the content in multiple devices. Firstly we will look at how this works with an app then we will look at much easier way of copy and past content in multiple devices.

1. Copy and Paste between multiple devices with Pasteasy App

You will have seen that it is a slow and complicated process doing manually. Today we talk about Pasteasy, a tool to copy and paste text or images between different devices without complications.


First, it is necessary to note that to use Pasteasy have to install the application in your smartphone (compatible with iOS and Android) and our computer (OS X and Windows).

One feature that has caught my attention is the simplicity of its operation, virtually transparent to the user. In fact, just we have to limit ourselves to copy text, image, screenshot or link we want and paste it almost instantly on another device. Undoubtedly, the chances of a tool like Pasteasy are really spacious: we use it to write messages from your computer and copy your smartphone, transfer photos from one device to another, etc.

I’ll take this opportunity to emphasize that the devices must be connected to the same network to Pasteasy work. Also, no registration is required to use the tool because we just scan a barcode to connect any device.

Pasteasy is available completely free for iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play, respectively. In addition, you must install the version for OS X (available from the Mac App Store) or Windows (available on the website of Pasteasy).

2. Using a website cntrlc.me to Copy and Paste between multiple devices

we have spoken before about Pasteasy applications, with copy and paste text between multiple devices easily. Now is the turn of cntrlc.me a useful tool in charge to do the same without installing any application.
As we advanced, the main objective of cntrlc.me is to help copy and paste text or links quickly and safely between several of our devices. To do this, you simply need to access the website from which we speak and enter the text you want to link or paste it into another device. Instantly, the indicated content will be available in all of them, so you only have to access cntrlc.me to find it.

Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting tool when, for example, copy and paste text between a computer and your smartphone or tablet without having to walk installing applications. Still, it is important to consider the need to access our data from Facebook to make use of the tool, which can be a drawback for some. You can test its performance completely free through the official website of the project.

Hope you found this tutorial helpful and interesting. Do let me know if you have a better solution to this.

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