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How to Clean the memory of your iOS device without having to reboot

There are many ways to give a boost of performance to our iPhone or iPad like “Turn off the phone and turn it on.” “Double-click on the home button and close all open applications” but many users fall into the obsession of doing too frequently even with tricks that isn’t as effective as they think.


And if you just want to clear the memory of your phone for any application running in the background, there is a much simpler way to do this without rebooting or close all applications by hand.

 “Hold lock button and then hold down the home button

It works with all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

  • press the lock button until the display device that offers completely shut appears.
  • Remember, to hold buttons firmly make sure your finger doesn’t slips off.
  • When you see this screen, press the Home button and hold it down for a few seconds (can be quite, be patient) until you see iOS returns to the main screen.
  • That’s it now your device is ready, you just released the RAM memory of the terminal.

How can we ensure that we have effectively released this memory ?

If you press the Home button twice, it will access the interface that shows all recently opened apps, and if we agree to see any of them that do not open directly but have to reload. That is, even if they appear on the screen are all closed. Still there as a “history” simple applications we have been using in chronological order.

Note :

Such tricks are great when we note that the phone will slow us, or simply when device gets hanged. iOS already have protocols for managing memory, and we should trust them unless a system error or an application itself clearly affects system performance.