Chrome To Stop Support to Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI) Soon

Google had come up with update on discontinuing the support to Netscape Plug-in API with a blog post titled The Final Countdown for NPAPI.    src The company said that this is change will be having a impact on the improvement of Chrome’s security, speed, and stability as well as reduce complexity in the code base.  Google had announced last year that the company is planning to discontinue the support to NPAPI and block this sites automatically which are using the NPAPI without user intervention in the blog post with title Saying Goodbye to Our Old Friend NPAPI .src

And in the recent blog post chrome said that it will be discontinuing all the plugins from January 2015. Till then the plugins which are white-listed can continue without any change. Google had given few popular NPAPI plugins which are white-listed and will continue till January 2015. So all the developers who are making use of the NPAPI are having really less time to port other supporting API’s.  After january 2015 the company will be blocking all the sites even the whitelisted plugins too.

The company also said that it will unpublish all the chrome plugins from the chrome web store which are making use of the NPAPI.

Google gave a chance to the advanced developers who are using the NPAPI to port other technologies,to temprorly re-enable the NPAPI while the complete their translation process of their critical plugins from chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and from Enterprise policy.

The company had issued the dead line to the NPAPI upto 2015 September, After that there will be more NPAPI.

Bye Netscape Plug-in API (NPAPI). We miss you.