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Chrome OS is About To Die as Google Plans To Join Android

It was an open secret, but nobody wanted to confirm, Chrome OS, the operating system for computers Google has not finished off from its launch in 2009. All the company’s efforts have been focused on Android, although this Chrome OS has its own development team.

But a few moments ago, according to information collected by The Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to unify the two operating systems into one, with a view to presenting in 2017, where the main base would be on Android, so only the best features would be taken Chrome OS.


Even Google Also Wants to Join the collaboration :

Some Sources have confirmed the company has been working on this merger more than two years ago, where Sundar Pichai has been blank for this union. And to remember that the executive became responsible for most of the divisions at Google a year ago, and since then has created a special team for this merger, everything is ready now with his appointment as CEO of Google, to take this important step.

This new operating system come in a preliminary version in 2016, leaving the road ready for an official launch sometime in 2017. With this, Android reach computers as an official operating system where missing even define the name, but it seems indicate that seek to give support and encouragement to the brand “Android”, which is one of the most recognized company.

Of course this movement reminds of the current strategy of Microsoft, who has unified its mobile and desktop operating system, all in favor of the now famous convergence. Which apparently it is becoming the natural way to the dominant presence of the mobile platforms, plus it is easier to maintain a single operating system, several.