Casio Presents Its First SmartWatch

The popular Japanese manufacturer has shown its first model of smart watch. Casio has introduced Smart WSD-F10 an Outdoor Watch, its first model SmartWatch. The company has revealed on their official website  the characteristics and technical details of a smart watch that use the operating system Android Wear market and whose output is planned for this 2016.

The main objective of this SmartWatch Casio is addressed to users who are active outdoors, whether they are related or are purely sporting nature. To do this, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 have used pressure sensors and altitude, along with compass, accelerometers and gyroscopes. Its screen is 1.32 inches and has a resolution of 320×320 pixels, keeping two LCD screens-one in black and white for the time and one for applications-. But more importantly, the watch is resistant to dust and can dive to depths of 50 meters, and other features that make it resistant to strong shocks and extreme temperatures. With the operating system Android Wear you may run many applications, although Casio SmartWatch comes already equipped with unique applications for fishing, cycling and trekking.

Casio, already last summer unveiled its intentions to market a SmartWatch this year, joins other traditional clocks companies have switched to making these new devices, like the Swiss TAG Heuer