Can You Install Your Facebook App For PC?

This simple guide will show you exactly what you need to do and it is completely free.

With over a billion registered users Facebook is the most successful social media platform. You will be a member of a group of people that would be the third largest country on earth.

Both the reach, ease of use and innovative features to stay in touch is what draws people of all ages into using it. You will likely be using the Facebook mobile app the most, as it is incredibly convenient to just check your friends’ updates while you are on the go.

It is also great to add quick updates and share some photos you have taken. With the latest features you can even provide a live video stream to your friends for anything fun or important in your life.

But what about using the app on your computer? There is the desktop web browser version, but what about having the app itself running? These questions and many more will be answered on this page. So, let’s get started.

Why Use The Facebook App On Your PC?

This is an interesting question and one you will find has quite a simple answer. Before we give you the most obvious answer it is important for you to understand how the majority of people use Facebook.

Since 2016 daily active users access Facebook via the mobile app 90% of the time. Very few people actually log into their accounts on the desktop browser version. You are probably as astonished as we were when we first read these numbers.

So if you and the majority of other users are using the mobile app practically all the time, you probably do not like to switch to the browser version. You will find that it is quite a different experience when you switch to the non-mobile version.

Many people spend a lot of time on their computers for school, college or on the job work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an app as small as on your phone to see your Facebook feed? This would be a lot more convenient for you than having to switch to a large browser.

Simply have a phone size window open somewhere to the side and you can quickly scan it while not having to move other work windows out of the way.

Is This Possible?

Unfortunately, there is no desktop app like that available. The great thing is that there is a simple solution by using another piece of software. Emulators have been available for a long time, but now you get one of the best options called Nox App Player.

You will find that an emulator works much better than virtual environments do and that they will cost you a lot less. In fact, the two best options are both completely free to install and use. It doesn’t get cheaper than that.

How Do Emulators Work?

Emulators are pieces of software that you install on your Windows PC that make the computer look like it is a mobile phone or tablet. You will essentially have a small window onscreen that looks and acts like your phone. But instead of touching the screen you can use you mouse or trackpad.

If you love playing mobile games, then you can also use games controllers, and for writing emails, letters or messages, you can use a full-size keyboard. These are huge advantages that will give you much more flexibility on almost all of your mobile apps.

Which Emulator Should You Install?

The two most popular emulators are Bluestacks and Nox App Player. Nox is the newest one on the market and has some fantastic features that will really allow you to bring the best of your mobile apps to your desktop.

Because of its ease of use and the fact the Google Play Store is pre-installed you will probably find that this emulator is the fastest to get you up and running. If you want, you can try them both out, as they are free of charge to download and install. You might find one of them suits you better than the other, but from our perspective, Nox App gives you the better experience.

Installation Instructions

Getting any mobile app up and running could not be easier than what we are about to present you. This will require no IT training or in-depth computer knowledge. If you have ever downloaded software onto your computer before then you are more than qualified to get a mobile platform emulator up and running.

Here are the steps for you to follow:

  • Download and install the latest version of Nox App Player
  • Once the download is complete, launch the installation
  • The onscreen directions are really easy to follow
  • When the installation is finished, just click the start button
  • You are now asked to enter your Google account information
  • This account info is linked directly to the pre-installed Google Play Store
  • Launch Google Play and search for Facebook
  • Download and start the app, then enter your Facebook account info

And that is all that is to it. You can now have your Facebook account open directly on your desktop computer. And rather than having a large browser window open you can have the small and convenient app timeline.

What Else Can You Do Now?

Now that you have the emulator installed you can also install any other mobile apps you regularly use. Whether that is Twitter, WhatsApp or your favorite games. If you want you can even recreate your entire phone set up on your PC so that you always know where what apps are. Makes it a lot easier for you to switch between the two systems.

You only need to go through the above installation steps once and you can then simply use Google Play to download all the other apps you love.


Using your Facebook app on your desktop is now really simple to do. With a completely free software solution there is no reason to not give this a try. And what’s even better, you can add as many of your mobile apps as you like. So what’s stopping you?