Buying New Router ? Then Read this Before Choosing Router

Router has became the most important hardware in networking in past few years everyone has a router setup on their home network and office networks,  and it is also common to notice when you buy a router you find after few days the router is not working accordingly, It is because the owner never bothered about the router attributes or did not consider all attributes, for example lets take a router which works at 2.4GHZ  and who’s WiFi  signal range is 66feet  but if your in apartment with lot of house hold routers this router may not give 66feet range  because most home purpose routers work at 2.4GHZ so consider some parameters of router before choosing router

adsl modem

Signal strength:- you should be able to access the router for any corner of your property

  • if you are in apartment choose one with high signal than your property range(feet)
  • if you are in independent home with no routers around take little high or equal to your property range
  • if you have gadgets which can operate at 5GHZ then take a router which can work at 2.4&5GHZ  for future purpose

5GHz does not have bandwidth as 2.4GHZ but 2.4GHZ is most busy one because Bluetooth,card-less phone  etc work at 2.4GHZ


Choose speed:- remember your router should support present Internet connection(Cable, DSL, etc.)

  • as of now 600mbps and high routers  are available
  • most of the routers support  300mbps
  • never take router less than 150mbps,as of now fallow 802.11N standards
  • Remember that the concurrent dual-band router and dual-band client wifi adapter don’t always mean double speed

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Encryption:- most of the users keep WPA or other kinds of encryption to protect the network if u need take experts help, some type of configurations many not support some encryption

Support from manufacture:-choose a brand which gives technical support and  can help you choose encryption configure router etc

Comparability issue:- even if all parameters are satisfy except this then you can not use the router,choose a router which supports your network for example ASUS ADSL MODEM ROUTER is not compatible with MTNL network

Warranty and period of usage:- most of the company’s give 1yyear warranty ASUS  and other brands give 3years of warranty  choose according to other parameters

Remember don’t spend too much because technology updates fast and parameters many change there value or new parameters many appear choose for 3years of use(my suggestion)

Make Sure that manufacture releases the updates periodically, If you are buying a latest version of router in the market from the manufacture who did not release (Which is not possible for any company) the update for your model, then check out the other previous router models wheater the models are issues with updates or not. You should never compromise on this, Because any security loops in router can affect not just your computer, but all the computers and mobile devices in the network.


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