Bing Launches A Tool To See If A Website Is Mobile-Friendly

For many website developers it is known that Google tool that, after a self-test determines whether a website is “mobile-friendly”, that is, given its characteristics to enjoy without problem, from smartphones and tablets. Of course, how important it is to optimize a site for this scenario is sensed, So Google took it more seriously and converted to a mandatory factor if you do not want to suffer a penalty in their search results.

Well, Bing has announced on its official blog that already has a similar tool called “Mobile Friendliness Test Tool” (“proficiency testing tool for mobile”) to review various technical variables of a specified website to see what also It is to be reviewed from mobile. Worth commenting that Bing has also become a factor which charted a website is mobile friendly.

So look the test results:

bing mobilefriendly tool

Adapting to different screen sizes, “Zoom control” to see how well it responds the change in the display size without affecting the browsing experience, breadth of content also customizable, text readability him up, spacing between links and other elements , compatibility issues and configuration of robots.txt file are included in the factors considered for the test. Everything is very well explained in the official journal.

Finally, the tool is available here but also can be reached from the panel of Bing Webmaster Tools.