Best Ways To Increase Your Iphones Battery Life

iPhone is one of the best type of smartphone from the world famous Company Apple. Even now-a-days most of the people use them or even try to get atleast one for themselves. This is because of the features and the quality of UI that this phone offers to its Users. Any person whether he is a newbie or a pro in using a smartphone can easily understand How to use an iphone without any tutorial because of its simple to use UI. Also it comes with many other additional features like many sensors including the motion sensor, light sensor and even more. But this all things drains your battery soon. So understanding the ways to increase your iPhones battery is important and a must do thing to do the most with your device.

Best Ways To Increase Your Iphones Battery Life

Also the other problem that iPhone users face is that they get a very small sized battery when compared  for the set of functions it has. The Sensors and the high quality display that you get on your iPhone easily drains your battery soon. So let us help you out with this, by explaining you some tricks for increasing your iPhones battery life, that even we have tested them on our phone and they really helped us a lot.

How To Increase Your iPhones Battery life ?


  1. Turn on the Auto Brightness Mode

    Best Ways To Increase Your Iphones Battery Life 1

The most part of a battery is drained on any phone from the display section of your phone, this is because of the higher pixel density that you have on your screen with a good display. So setting on the auto brightness mode on can really help you out on increasing your iPhones battery life. When you set this on the brightness sensor will help you out in minimizing your battery usage from your display section.

You can do that by:

  • Firstly go to settings on your iPhone
  • Then look for brightness and display and then tap or select on that
  • Now you find the adjusting mode for brightness levels, There just set on the Auto-brightness mode.
  1. Turning of Bluetooth and WiFi

    Best Ways To Increase Your Iphones Battery Life 2

Bluetooth and Wifi are the key and the very important functions that we use in our daily lives. But even they can be your problem when we talk about battery drain. So to increase your iPhones battery level, it will be better to minimize the use of Bluetooth and Wifi in your phone. Also it will be better to activate them only when you are using them and just turn them off if you are not using them.

  1. Turn off Vibration mode

Sometimes we turn on vibration for all our games and application that we use on our iPhone the most. This can help us a lot in easily noticing the notifications we get on our phone without missing a single one. But though it is productive it can also be a problem and boot our battery to drain soon. So it will be better if you turn off Vibration modes on your iPhone to increase your iPhones battery. If this is not possible for you can atleast turn off the vibrations in the games that you play.

  1. Stop Automatic app Updates

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Every application that you download or games that you have downloaded on your phone comes with future updates on the go. This update are made and sent to the users to improve the performance of the app or the game. Even for the apps that you have downloaded from the app store you will get periodic updates. But the feature of apple IOS 7 with which you can set auto updates can ease your work. But though this is productive, even this can drain your battery a lot. So to increase your iPhones battery it will be better to turn off this function and update your apps manually.

  1. Turning of Animations and Motions

    Best Ways To Increase Your Iphones Battery Life 4

Animations and motions help you in setting up your iPhone look good. They can also make your work done easily with certain accessibility function. Though they help our iPhone look good and feel great it can drain our battery very soon. So you can turn them off to save your battery. You can do that by following the steps below.

  • Firstly, Go to settings
  • Then Go to general section in your settings
  • Now click on accessibility
  • Now look for Reduce Motion option and turn them on

In this way you can save your battery by turning off animations and motion in your iPhone.

  1. Blocking Background App refresh

    Best Ways To Increase Your Iphones Battery Life 5

With the update that iPhone user got in iOS 7 there was a add-on feature, that every iPhone user was given. Where the phone automatically updates your app data even before you are going to open them and helps you notify something if you have missed something. This is a very favourite function of every iOS or iPhone user. But using this function can not only drain your battery soon but also increase your data consumption. So turning off the Auto app Background referesh would be a better choice if saving you battery is important for you than your updates. You can do that by

  • Firstly, Go to Settings
  • Then go to General section in your settings
  • Look for Background refersh option here and click on that and turn it off.

So this are the best ways that we have found and have even applied to our iPhones to increase our battery life and improve battery backup. This tricks can really expand you battery and improve your iPhones battery backup. If you have any questions or have any other way to improve or increase your iPhones battery, then feel free to comment down below.