Best Trading Card Game for Android Download

Do you want to play the best trading card games available for Android? Then do not miss our trading card games compilation.
Trading card games are really fun ,they can engage alot. I  have a nice deck with which you can fight, try to overcome the strategy of your opponent and that feeling you get when you defeat your opponent. But what are the best trading card game for Android? What are the most fun you offer? check this out.

1) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

I could not start this compilation of games without the Blizzard game based on the Warcraft universe and has attracted a lot of players. It is available for many platforms (including computers and mobile devices of all types), and Android tablets are one of them. Perfect to take a while if you’re a regular at World of Warcraft universe.

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Download link for android Heroes Of Warcraft

2) Magic 2015

Walk in the footsteps of the Multiverse’s greatest hunter, If you take time on this trading cards, it is impossible who do not know a mythical part of the equation as is Magic. But the life of Magic is not only physical, because we also have a free digital version that you can take anywhere, with in-app purchases dreaded included.

magic 2015

Download link for android Magic 2015

3)Injustice: Gods Among Us

 If you want more battles of DC Universe, then Injustice is the game you were looking for: 3vs3 battles combined with collectible cards, a game that is on other platforms and has already engaged many. It is also free, but also based on payments within the application to run.


Download link for Gods among us

4)Deadman’s Cross

I could not miss a contribution from the famous Square Enix to the list, although at hand is rather strange: an atypical RPG in which the combat system is based on trading cards, and is based on a dystopia we will have to face a zombie threat. It is free with one-stop shopping, something that is becoming trend.


Download link for Deadman’s Cross

5)Tekken Card Tournament

Tekken is one of the sagas that know certain, albeit hearsay, and other fields where they are are the collectible card: using more than fists, and try to mount a strategy with your deck and what you think your opponent has the deck. Namco Bandai The game is free and is on Google Play, but comes with the dreaded in-app purchases.


Download link for Tekken Card Tournament (CCG)

6) Guardian Cross

Square Enix does not tire your zombie contribution to the list, and also gives us a classic RPG card game by a team that has been working in the famous Final Fantasy. A good game with a quality team behind, and we can find free in Google Play, but also has in-app purchases.


Download link for Guardian Cross

7) Order & Chaos Duels

Gameloft could not miss the party of a successful concept in video games, and the French also have their trading card game based on its own MMORPG, Order & Chaos. About 300 cards in multiplayer duels in Play Store for free but using them in-app purchases the rest.


Download link for Order & Chaos Duels

So what are your favorite cards?

What game have let us have a worthy place in the list? What is the best game of collectible cards for you?Do not hesitate to tell us all this in the comments!

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