Best Single Serving Web Sites For a Techie

Don’t you think there are numerous situations where we have to use a tool to accomplish simple tasks which could be accomplished with simple life hacks. Well for me there are a dozens of situations were i had to use tools for knowing my password strength, some times to know who is the admin of a website and so on.




Actually you need not worry about getting a tool from internet for simple tasks, because i have done some research and here is the list of  few self-explanatory web sites which could of your use. Specially for techies and geeks these websites are a real lifehacks.

1.How Secure Is My Password?:

This is a cool single serving web sites  website were you just need to type your password and this will analyze and tell you how long it takes to crack your password. If you feel that your password is weak and your account needs a much secure password check this out Simple Guide to Create a Strong Password. here we have mentioned few cool tricks and tips for a better password.

Well as the same specifies this website helps you in knowing your internet speed and assists you in knowing whether you are getting for what you have paid. Once you visit just wait for the page to load and click on “BEGIN TEST”.

3.Down For Everyone or Just Me :

Well this is another cool single serving web site which will let you know whether a website is really down or you need to do some troubleshooting to access the website. Some time it happens like were you get an error message that currently website is not available, so need not worry you can just check it using this website.

4.What’s My IP:

This is the most basis question asked by majority of the internet users ” WHAT IS MY IP ” or “WHAT IS MY IP ADDRESS”. For all the people who have this question i suggest visit this site and you will know your IP Address.

Bonus point : If you are a newbie in networks you can visit for content like your remote port and browser info etc which could come in handy.


This is the best Single Serving Web Site which allow you to know  IP address, location, server type, and other statas of a specific domain. You can also know more about your favorite websites, it is helpful while testing your own home webserver, or even when you are trying to ping an outside IP address when you’re having DNS troubles.

It gives a complete overview of a website and its cool.

6.Is It Old?:

Well there will be a dozens of situation were you would like to share some cool youtube videos or somme articles but some times you end up sharing outdated or very old content so basically this website will let you know the content you are sharing is old news or trending.

7.Free My PDF:

Best place for to get rid of PDFs that have restrictions on printing, copying text, or password-protected editing. Free My PDF will assist you upload pdf’s to Free My PDF and it’ll spit out a liberated version for you to do with as you please.

Well these are few Single Serving Web Sites which i found would be use full for you.

And of course there are so many other Single Serving Web Sites on the net.

Bonus point : Here are few weird and funny sites check them out.

For emotions:

  1. Feeling angry?
  2. Sad?
  3. Excited?

Bonus Extras just for fun:

  1. Let me google that for you .
  2. what should i make for dinner
  3. Is it christmas .

Hope you enjoyed and this was useful for you. Feel free to comment and let me know if you find any cool or funny Single Serving Web Sites .