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Best Search Engines To Surf Anonymously

Search engines are a very important source for surfing the internet with ease. They provide various tools and functions that enhance and simplify our browsing. No one can expect about the day without using any search engines to browse anything on internet and using the custom URL. But now-a-days we have many kind of latest web search engines which ease our internet abilities. But the problem with that is they track each and every thing that we are doing online. It collects all the personal identifiable information as well as the time and geographical location that we are logged in from.

Information that search engines track are :

  • IP Address that you have logged in from
  • Date and time, which indicate when you have logged in
  • Your most used and used search terms
  • Cookies and Caches

Whenever you click on any link or are watching something online, then this search engines sends the above information to the webmaster which they use for many purposes. Even ads that you see online are because of that so using internet anonymously is a very important thing, this can save you from all the tracking systems that other and every search engines follow. The better option available for you will be to use any search engine with the same features like the one you use that keeps you anonymous while browsing the web and never tracks anything that you do. So check down the above list of search engines that you can use to browse the web anonymously.

1. Duck Duck Go

duck duckgo

Duck Duck Go is one of the best termed and most used search engine used by users who look to keep their anonymity while browsing the web. This are a good alternate for normal search engines. This search engine respect users privacy and does not track anything of the user. This search engine even does not record your search history. Duck Duck Go also doesn’t use any cookies so that it will never trace any of your searches ever.



This is also a non tracking search engines but provides very major search results. ixquick actually gathers their search results from many great search engines like Google and Yahoo, but provides their users with the same but with no tracking results. It even does not see the users IP address. this search engine also protects your privacy over the internet with great results but no tracking at all.


start page

This is also the search engine from the same company that owns and runs the ixquick search engine. Everything between these search engines are same except the only one thing that is different among these two search engines. The ixquick gets its search results from all the major search engines, but the Startpage provides the search results to its users only based on the Google search results and noting other than this is used. It also has all other function that ixquick provides.


disconnect search

This is somewhat a smaller alternate when compared to the above search engines. The greatest function in this search engine is that it gets the search results for you based on the results that you are going to select as per your need. Even this search engine does not reveal any IP address. This search engine also does not maintain any profile for you based on your searches and even keeps you untraceable.

5. Epic Web browser

Well this is not a search engine by it self. But when we are talking about surfing anonymously i can ignore this.┬áThere have been many web browsers whose main objective has been the user’s privacy, but few have achieved this privacy compatible with the functionality of a web browser. Epic Browser appears to have found the solution.

This new free browser to compete with Google Chrome promises to achieve the maximum “privacy” of the user. It was created based Chromium and is compatible with all extensions and applications of Google Chrome.

Some features of this browser are :

  • Hide your IP
  • Browse by codebook
  • active and automatic backup
  • Performance increase by 25% compared to other browsers
  • No URL tracker.

So i guess these are Top Best Search Engines To Surf Anonymously hope you found this interesting and useful.