Top 10 Personalization Apps For Android

One of the main reason why many choose Android devices is because of the Customizations it offer. There are many customizations available for a android user from very small thing to even flashing Your custom rom. Also this customizations help your phone look better than the way it looks with the factory adjusted apps and settings. Also Google play store has many of the customization apps that you can find for your phone to easily customize your android devices. Even many other third party places are also source for getting these kind of apps. So to get your work done easily we have made a list of top 10 customization apps for your Android phone which you should never miss checking out.

   1. Go launcher EX


Go launcher is one of the best stylish and smart launchers available for android devices, whether you are using it for mobile or for a tablet. Go launcher provides more than 10,000 beautiful mobile themes for every user. Go launcher also provides users with extremely fast and secure operating experience with many animations and good interface to use on. This launcher is also added on with more than 15 widgets and there are many more internal customizations that can be done with this app.
Developer: Go Launcer Dev Team
App Version:
Varies with devices

  1. Fancy widgets


Fancy widgets help you to personalize your home screen with high customizations. It allows you to add many widgets to your home screen like of Clock widgets, weather widgets, forecast widgets and many more. Even the widgets has many customizable settings which helps to ease few of your tasks. This application also has a full version which has many more features added on it with even more customizable options available.
Developer: Android Does
App Version:

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  1. Colourform


This is also a widget customizer with many HD widgets included which can improve your phones look quality. It helps you to add on more than 50+ widgets for phones as well as tablets. It also show cases even basic widgets with many customizable settings in it. Additionally, it has quick settings and indicators, with scalable customizations of the widgets that you add to your home screen.
App Version:

  1. SPB shell 3d


SPB Shell 3d is a 3d launcher which adds real 3d to your phone with a new dimension to your android. The features of this launcher include 3d home screen, smart folders, 3d widgets and collection of panels and widgets. This launcher ads an incredible look to your android device and runs very smoothly.
Developer: SPB Software
App Version:

  1. Ringtone Maker


Ringtone maker is also one of the best available customization and personalization app for android users. This application helps you to create ringtones, alarm and notification tones from your mp3’s to use on in your device. You can use this application to cut any of your mp3 music and set or adjust even the volume you are looking to get to your tone based on your requirement.
Developer: Big Bang Inc.
App Version:
Varies with Devices

  1. Go SMS pro


Go SMS pro replaces your android stock SMS applications interface. It is a best add on app which provides many colorful themes and customizations for the SMS application. It has a better UI, pop up notifications and have the feature of automatic customizations. Even this app is the best one, if you also need to back up your messages and also sending messages on scheduled time.
Developer: GO Dev Team
App Version:
Varies with Devicee

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  1. Zedge


Zedge is one of the most recommended personalization app for android devices. This app offers free wallpapers, ringtones, app icons and notification sounds to easily customize your device. Features include many categories of wallpapers and ringtones to use depending upon your mood. You can even create your favourite list of wallpapers and tones that you love and you can watch or share them in any of the other devices with Zedge.
Developer: Zedge
App Version:
Varies with devices

  1. Beautiful widgets


Beautiful Widget is your best companion when personalizing your home screen widgets with unique style. It has multiple customizable widgets and themes in the play store, You can also customize your home screen according to your moods and desires with clocks, widgets and weather notifiers. You will also get butter smooth animations in your widgets.
Developer: Levelup Studio
App Version:
Varies with devices

  1. Simple Calendar widget


Simple Calendar Widget is the most popular and highest rated minimal calendar widget available for android devices. It integrates with your existing calendar to show upcoming appointments directly on the home screen of your device. It also shows the weather, sports schedules, holidays and even many more which you can add them, based on the customizations that you love.
Developer: MyColorScreen
App Version:

  1. Battery widget Reborn


Battery Widget Reborn is a battery widget application with many patterns and styles but is very productive in terms of its functions. This app provides re-sizeable circle battery level indicator which enhances the look of your devices home screen as well as notifies you of your battery’s charging levels. It also projects shortcuts to power consumption history, WiFi and Bluetooth settings as well.
Developer: Thomas Hubalek
App Version:
Varies with devices.

So these are top 10 android customization apps. Hope you liked this compilation also i have previously posted an article over Best customization apps of 2015 do check that out too.

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