9 Online Tools To Play Pokémon Go Like A Pro

The Pokemon craze continues, and is not likely to end soon. Pokémon Go continues to break records and causing all sorts of improbable situations every where around the world . Without going any further,  we have published a series of tips and advice with few websites and apps to enjoy this game safely, and especially respecting the law at all times.

But this isn’t it. There have emerged multitude of parallel web applications that complement the game: maps to locate nearby pokemon, sites to see if the game servers is fine, and even a bot Facebook Messenger that can help you succeed in your battles gym . It seems that in the world of Pokemon Go anything is possible.

1.”Yelp” to find PokeStops nearby

yelp-pokemonstopFor several days, this popular service establishments opinions about your searches allows filtering of restaurants, bars, cafes and others by a new parameter: whether or not there is a PokeStop nearby. Just enter the type of home you are looking at yelp and see the filter at the top of the web, among others. Seeing is believing…


pokeradarA map locating all pokemon around, available in both web version and iPhone app. PokéRadar is based on Google Maps API, and you can use it to display the general population of pokemon in your area, or to find a pokemon in particular using the integrated search function. information is provided by the community of aunuque users,which can be done from the app.


pokecrewThis other map also helps you locate pokemon, by entering your location to find the closest either directly moving the map. The results of PokeCrew show the list of pokemon available with detailed information (name, number of pokedex, type pokemon, distance that is) and each pokemon marked on the map in addition has a complete record of the sighting.

4.PokemonGo Bot

pokemon go botThis bot Facebook Messenger can be used both on the web version of the app messaging as mobile, although the latter has additional features. PokemonGo Bot provides you with information on the types of pokemon, and those that are needed to defeat certain pokemon in gyms. If you use it from mobile, plus you can share your location to tell you what pokemon there near you at that time.

5.Is Pokémon Go down or not

Is pokemon go downDuring the following days, Pokémon Go underwent some problems on its servers, apparently caused by a DDoS attack. A website will keep you informed about the current status of the game servers of Whether Pokémon Go is down or not, with additional data on how long they have online, the operation of login, latency, etc.

6.Pokémon Go Live Server Status

pokemon go live server statusAnother website where you can follow more closely the information on the current status of the game servers. In Pokémon Go Live Server Status simply you have the status of servers (whether online or is not), but is complemented by the ability to receive alerts via SMS or email if they fall. Furthermore you yourself can contribute to the community saying how your gaming experience at all times (goes well, it is unstable, or does not work).

7.Which Pokémon is it?

which pokemon is itAre you an expert in pokemon? Do’ve captured all? Then you will not have problems in completing this game. Which Pokemon is it? you must recognize these creatures only for its silhouette, and try to get the highest possible score. You can choose from several levels of difficulty, and show the full picture of pokemon if you get stuck. Have three response options in theory should help, but not personally step 4 hits …

8.Is Pokémon Go Available Yet?

pokemon go available locationsThis web already talked a few days ago, while still waited for the game to be available in India. But if you live in any other country where it is not yet available, you want to take a look from time to time Is Pokemon Go Available Yet occasionally (or leave your email to notify you) and so find out when you’ll finally start playing.


pokemon coachWeb latter applies only to California, which is the area where it operates, but could not stop put to it to see how far the invasion of Pokemon Go and use this game as a business idea. A group of players of Pokémon Go mounted PokeCoaches as a way to leverage your hobby to make money, and offer plans at different prices, which include hours of training and guarantee a minimum number of new pokemon and stops at pokéstops.

I am pretty sure these websites will help you become a pro Pokémon Go player with out a doubt. If you have any other tips or tricks which can help play Pokémon Go do let us know 😉 Keep browsing and catch em all!!!! 🙂