12 Best News Apps For Android In 2019: Update Yourself With Breaking And Trending News

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to overlook the events that are happening locally and around the globe. You have to keep in mind that the world is interconnected. What happens in one region can affect other countries. Staying informed about current events is very important. It’s a good thing your smartphone can download several news aggregator sites. If you’re using an Android, here are some of the best news sites and apps that you can download on your phone.

12 Best News Apps For Android In 2019

  1. Google News

    Google News gets you the news you want. This interesting news app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to track and monitor your search behaviour. By doing so, it will be able to round up topics and articles that may be of interest to you.

    Top headlines from the local and international fronts as well as breaking news developments are displayed by the “For You” tab.

    You should also expect comprehensive news reporting as Google News will present different reports from various sources concerning the same story. This way you can get different perspectives and opinions on the most compelling topics.

    If you’re looking to download dependable news apps for free – start out with Google News.

  2. Flipboard

    One of the best news apps for Android is Flipboard. It looks stylish and aesthetic but does not sacrifice functionality. Flipboard’s design makes it very easy to navigate.

    Similar to Google News, Flipboard keeps track and analyses your search behaviour so it can deliver news content that fits your interest.

    If you come across news that you want to read but don’t have the time, simply add it to the app’s built-in magazine. Flipboard’s appeal is that it can be customized according to your preferences.

    For example, you get annoyed by seeing content from certain news sources. All you have to do is activate “Mute Site”.

  3. Microsoft News

    You may remember this app as MSN News. Today it is called Microsoft News and still remains one of the top news sources on the Internet. If you want the complete experience, synch it with Internet Edge news feed and MSN.com.

    This is one of the best news sites if you are keeping track of developments in another country. All you have to do is to go to the settings tab and select the country where you want to get news feed from.

    Perhaps the only drawback about Microsoft News is that your feed might get inundated with sponsored ads.

  4. BBC News

    In this era where media has been accused of pilfering “fake news”, there are still a good number of news sites which maintain objective reporting. BBC News is one of them.

    With the BBC app, you can stay abreast of the latest news on the local and international fronts. Its news feed section has many interesting options. This includes activating a live-streaming news feature.

    If you’re not in favour of sharing data on your online search activities, all you have to do is to turn off the “sharing stats” command.

  5. Reddit News Feed

    Reddit is a highly-interactive news aggregator and entertainment app. Just like the website, there are literally millions of topics to choose from. The great thing about Reddit is that the app allows you to customize the content you want to receive.

    While this is a news app, it has a different look and feel to it compared to other news apps. For one thing, it has a chat messaging feature. You can also create subreddits where you can categorize content based on its controversy, popularity or uniqueness.

  6. Smart News

    Are you looking for high-value news apps for free? Download Smart News on your Android phone. Smart News is fairly new in the market but it has created a good-sized following on its own.

    Smart News goes through millions of news articles every second then systematically categorizes them under a specific topic. If you don’t want distractions from graphics, select “Smart News Mode” and you will get more seamless streaming of the latest news.

  7. AOL – News, Mail, & Video

    America Online or AOL has been around for ages. It remains a very reputable source of news and informative content. Similar to BBC News, you can be assured of balanced, fair, and accurate reporting as well as unbiased opinion pieces.

    The AOL News app uses Bing as its search engine. News reports and other developments are posted every hour.

    You might also want to entertain yourself with AOL’s video section. It has a library of videos that cover popular topics such as “Epic Fails”, “Weird News”, and “Good News for the day.”

  8. Feedly

    Have you tried Google Reader? Feedly is widely considered to be its successor. You might say Feedly is for the serious news reader. This is someone who trusts only a few news sources and does not trust most of the new content publishers on the Internet.

    Once you have Feedly downloaded on your Android phone, “feed” the app your idea of a credible news site by searching for content. You can also subscribe by copying the link.

    If you want one of the most reliable news apps for free, get Feedly for your Android.

  9. InShorts

    If you prefer short-form news content, look no further than InShorts. This is one of the fastest growing news apps in the market. People love this app because it can give you the latest news in under 60 words!

    The type of news that will appear on your feed will be based on your preferences. The layout has been compared to a flash card because only one article at a time will appear on your screen.

    Unfortunately, InShorts’ popularity is a double-edged sword. In exchange for convenience, you will have to deal with ads and tons of sponsored content.

  10. NewsBreak: Local and Breaking

    News Breaks presents news and other types of informative content that is based on your interests. It has tabs called “Following” and “For You” which work to curate and deliver customized content.

    This news app is very easy to use because of its user- friendly interface. Did you like what you just read? You can share it on social media.

    The only knock on News Breaks is that its scope and reach of news is limited. Some countries are not covered by News Breaks.

  11. Top Buzz

    Although more popularly recognized for its entertainment content, TopBuzz can be an indispensable source of reliable news information. All you have to do is to subscribe to the news sources that you trust and let TopBuzz take care of the rest.

    Do you like watching videos? TopBuzz has a video section which features in-demand video-based content. As expected, many of the videos posted are funny and very entertaining.

  12. Inoreader

    If you like Feedly, you may want to give Inoreader a try. Inoreader functions much like Feedly. You can customize the type of news content that appears on your feed.

    Inoreader also provides its users with 28 topics for those who do not have a list of trusted news sources. Although Inoreader is not as complete as Feedly, it is the ideal news app for those who prefer a no-frills and simple approach to receive informative content.


When Tim Berners-Lee gave the Internet to the world, he did so freely, believing that it could be used as a force of good. With information accessible to everyone, people would have the ability to make educated decisions.

However, the Internet is accessible to those with good intentions and those with malice in their hearts.

2016 can best be remembered as the year of “Fake News”. It was the year which made everyone realise that the Internet can also be used as a medium for misinformation and propaganda.

Having any of these news apps on your Android phone will protect you from the purveyors of fake news.