3 of the Best Safety Tips you should know before making online transactions

3 Safety tips that every Internet User should put into practice before making online transaction



This is first of these safety tips

1.) Before making online payments go thoroughly through the bank’s manual for making online payments.

  • And know well what to share and what not to share on online  and where to share the things from your Bank’s banking manual.
  • Never share your personal Bank account details with any one.And also don’t make a note of any sensitive information on any page or on document.
  • Make sure that your Computer is guarded by Best Antivirus and don’t forget to update the antivirus regularly.Updating your computer and antivirus regularly can keep you away from the key-logger and some malwares. (Read this post to “How to Detect the Keyloggers in Cyber Cafe” )
  • Make sure that you are making online transaction through encrypted gateway. i.e you must be able to see the webpage with lock icon and starting with  https:// instead of http://. Here ‘S’ indicates that is a secured page and suitable for making online transactions.

2.) And always use the updated Browsers in your computer to make online payments. Set the browser’s security to maximum level for monitoring for the fraud websites.

  • And make sure that you clean the browser’s cache completely before making the payments.
  • Never respond to the emails asking your password and other sensitive data. Be aware of the phishing sites.
  • Make sure that you enabled the firewall in your computer.
  • Better to use the trusted services like PayPal,Google Checkout for making secure online payments.
  • Better to know about the virtual credit cards.(Ask your Bank Account Provider for more information)

3.) Be aware of the phishing sites. Phishing sites look same as the original website but they are not! These sites track every thing that you enter on that website which includes the sensitive information.Never use any third party short links and the links which redirect you to the site to make online payments.

  • The best way to find the phishing sites is to look for the https:// if this is not present then immediately leave the webpage.
  • And make online transactions only if you find the “Verified by Visa” “VeriSign Trusted”.
  • Take a print of your online transactions immediately.And Make use of the virtual keyboards to enter your sensitive passwords.
  • And finally if you think I missed some important safety points please comment Below.

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