Amazing Graphics And Awesome Gameplay: 10 Best Mobile Games For Android In 2019

Android has certainly caught up with Apple’s iOS the last few years. What used to be a runaway industry for the iOS has become a closer battle as Android has closed the gap. This is true particularly in Asia where Android has been eating up Apple’s market share like Pac-Man. Regardless of which system you prefer, one thing for sure. You will have a great gaming experience. Some may argue that Apple has a better selection but mobile games for Android in 2019 are getting up there in terms of graphics and playability.

Here are some of the best mobile games for Android in 2019:

  1. PUBG for Android

    For years, Player Unknown Battlegrounds or PUBG was one of the most popular games you can play on your PC. It is now one of the fastest growing online games on Android.

    PUBG is an RPG or Role Playing Game which gives you the experience of being marooned on an island with 99 other players and find out who has the guile, will, and cunning to survive.

    Like the typical war movie, you parachute onto the island and gather gear from the buildings you infiltrate. You can do a Rambo and go solo or go “The Expendables” route and assemble four other players.

    The cool thing about PUBG is how it has seamlessly made the transition from PC to mobile. You might even say that the game works better with a smartphone than a desktop!

  2. Alto’s Adventure

    Have you ever wished you were an extreme snowboarder going down the slopes at high speeds during the Olympics? With Alto’s Adventure, you can experience the thrill of snowboarding without the risk breaking an arm, a leg, or your neck!

    This is one of the best games out now for Android. Its controls are very simple and the characters highly-playable. You can help Alto navigate the mountainous course filled with sharp turns and edges while doing acrobatic back flips like an Olympian.

    Use your headphones while playing Alto’s Adventure. The game features an awesome soundtrack plus the amazing graphics will give you tons of breath-taking scenery.

  3. Battlelands Royale

    If you want a quick shot of adrenaline, Battlelands Royale is one of the must- have games for Android phones. Most of the games you’ll play may not even last 10 minutes. However, those 10 minutes will be some of the most action-packed you’ll have on your smartphone!

    Battlelands Royale follows the plot of most survival, shooting games. Just like PUBG, which we reviewed earlier, you get to parachute to an island. You will spend some time locating weapons and shields for protection. The island also has rocket launchers which you can get by following weapon drops.

    Other than the cool fact that Battlelands Royale is a free gaming app for Android, but for a few in-app purchases, you can buy new skins or get the Battle Pass where you have a chance to win cosmetic items.

  4. Shadowgun Legends

    Shadowgun Legends is one of the best games out right now and it plays out really well on an Android compared to an iPhone. Gamers are unanimous in proclaiming this first-person shooter game as the best one you can download from the app stores.

    In this game, you are in a base camp which comes across more like a city. There are shops where you can buy cool weapons and armor for protection. You even the option to gamble and win in-game currency. How about a black market for hidden items? You got it!

    Shadowgun Legends is a fun game! Blast your way through your missions, solve puzzles, and destroy your enemies to gain more infamy. If you are particularly fond of the game Destiny, Shadowgun Legends is essentially its mobile phone version.

  5. Monument Valley

    Monument Valley is a mysterious place filled with wonder and amazing creatures. Your task is to help the lovely Princess Ida navigate through its non-Euclidean structures and aggressive raven-like black birds.

    This can be a mesmerizing experience! You will find yourself getting Princess Isa to glide, twist, and slide her way through and around these fantastic structures. Perspectives will change which makes game play much more interesting.

    As amazing and captivating as Monument Valley is, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of its controls. Two words to describe this game: “Total Package”. The makers of Monument Valley have put thought and purposes into this game. Everything you want; from the story to the incredible graphics and catchy music, you will find in Monument Valley.

  6. Knights Of Pen and Paper

    One look at the pixel graphics and you know you’re in an old-school gaming experience with Knights of Pen and Paper. In a sense, its retro-look makes this one of the most unique online games for Android.

    You might be a bit disappointed that for now, you only get to play two campaigns. However, the makers of Knights of Pen and Paper have assured its fans that more campaigns are on the drawing board.

    For this version, you have a total of 12 adventurer classes to choose from. There are also 17 characters in this game. Some of these characters will be unlockable. You are both the Dungeon Mater and the players. So you can choose the battles where the players will fight through.

  7. The Escapists

    Prison time has never been this fun! Download The Escapists. It is easily one of the best games for Android phones. Ask any prisoner. There’s a reason why they call it “hard time”. However, as you go about your day-to-day prison routine, you come to realize that all the tools you need to escape are right under your very nose.

    Similar to Knights of Pen and Paper, The Escapists presents a retro-look with its pixel-heavy graphics. Again, pixel characters are kind of cute! However, don’t let the old school look make you think the game is simple. The tasks can be quite difficult.

    You’ll have to channel your inner criminal and find ways to steal utensils and put prisoners on your payroll so they can bring important tools from the outside world. All the while, you have to work in order to pay for all the things you need to escape.

  8. Riptide GP: Renegade

    Another one of the best games for Android phones, Riptide GP: Renegade is fast, action- packed, and filled with gorgeous graphics. One would be excused to doubt how such a magnificently conceptualized racing game can run so well on a mobile platform.

    What’s the storyline? You are a former jetski champion who has left the sport in disgrace. You are given the opportunity to reclaim your glory by racing against other jetskiers. To win you have to complete various death- defying moves and beat an assortment of bosses.

    One of the best new Android games, its features and amazing graphics will make you test the power of your own smartphone.

  9. Dandara

    Dandara is one of the more expensive games for Android. You’ll need to fork over $14.99 to download Dandara on your smartphone. The question is: Does the game justify its price?

    The answer is, “Yes!” Dandara is a platformer type of game. You are moving from one surface to another while exploring a different world. The graphics are astounding and will leave you floored. The creators of this game have envisioned Dandara as an amazing place filled with strange creatures.

    Don’t forget to use your headphones. Dandara also has a great soundtrack which makes it one of the cool games for Android. If $14.99 is a bit of your budget, wait for pricing discounts or special offers. For sure, Dandara will be worth the wait.

  10. Out There

    If you’re into serious role playing games that require strategy and deep thought, give Out There a try. This is one of the best survival games you can have on your Android smartphone.

    The premise of Out There revolves around the idea of an astronaut, you, who wakes up after deep cryosleep and finds out your spaceship is no longer in orbit. It is possible that you are not even on the solar system! So how do you find your way back to your world armed with wits and alien technology?

    Be careful! Danger can lurk in every corner as you go through the stars. Remember once you die – game over! The challenge with Out There is that you are never sure you are on the right path home.


These are just 10 of the best games for Android that we have played and reviewed. For sure, there are others. As the Android Operating System continues to gain popularity, expect more cool and awesome games to come out in the years ahead.