Best Memes Sites On The Internet 2016

Do you find your monday mornings booooring or wanna take a break from work and have a bit of fun. Well the first thing that pops out in my mind is memes, why don’t you try them.  Although it is almost impossible to list all websites in which the best and funniest memes are available, but here we choose some of the most attractive and popular websites with quality content.


1. memedeportes: Wonderful to learn about the curious facts of football and other sports as thousand of jokes get published in this portal regularly.

2. explosm: The creators of the cruel caricature Cyanide and Happiness, the Snowmen sticks. Are obtained on its website pictures and animations in high quality, though, they are in English.

3. / r / memes: the respective thread on Reddit memes a subforum that encapsulates hundreds of links to images of humor that share users worldwide. Although shown in miniature size, there are several practical filters to find what you want.

4. 9gag: Perhaps the most comprehensive list of GIF animations, videos and all kinds of images that become viral because of its high degree of sarcasm and humor about the most varied topics.

5. Imgur: This free hosting of images has a huge collection of viral, flat and animated images, published by the world and accommodated by popularity.

6. : The BuzzFeed’s “lol” section is frequently updated with their huge collections of funny memes including varied curiosities and oddities and kind of addictive too.

7. memecenter: This is much like the 9gag type of content and like social portal, it is more simple in categories and formats.

Hope you guys found some of the best memes sites here and had fun. Soon  Ill come up with another list of great entertaining channels for you 🙂 Let me know if you would like to add some more of these memes sited to this list 🙂