Best Medical Apps For Doctors: How To Find The Right Reference Resource And Build A Network

Medical Apps For DoctorsMobile technology has bridged the distance between life and work and doctors couldn’t be happier. The continued evolution and advancement of mobile medical apps have made it easier for those in the health profession to keep track of their patients, remain updated on their condition and find solutions in the palm of their hands.

The mHealth industry has created a market for medical apps that provide benefits and conveniences for doctors and patients alike. What can these medical apps do for doctors?

  • Provide immediate medical reference;
  • Enhance social networking activity;
  • Access to medical journals;
  • Assist decision- making in specific clinical procedures.

The growth of mobile medical apps has opened opportunities in the mobile health industry or mHealth for technology companies to develop the best medical apps for doctors. In the same way that doctors find cures for whatever ills their patients, apps find ways for doctors to become more productive.

By using the top health apps, doctors can attend to patient needs faster and at the same time build their profession in the healthcare industry.

Here are the best medical apps for doctors to use in their practice:

  1. Epocrates

    Epocrates is widely regarded as one of the best apps for doctors who need an immediate medical reference. It is likewise one of the most popular iPhone apps and is available for Android systems as well.

    Doctors use Epocrates for the following functions:

    • Research drug information and its interactions;
    • Source consultants and referrals;
    • Immediately calculate patient measurements like Body Mass Index or BMI.

    Doctors can download Epocrates for free. But if you want its additional features: lab guides, alternative medications and disease information, you have to pay an annual subscription to Epocrates Essentials for $174.99.

  2. PEPID

    PEPID is one of the best medical apps for doctors who work in the emergency room. It is used for clinical decision making and as a quick and handy medical reference tool. But even nurses, residents, pharmacologists and paramedics find great benefits to using PEPID.

    What are the interesting features of PEPID for doctors?

    • Symptom Checker helps doctors come up with immediate diagnosis based on patient’s condition;
    • Search for multi-drug interactions and find professional dosing suggestions;
    • Go through a library of diseases, medical conditions and treatment options plus research from the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, American College of Emergency Physicians and the Family Physicians Inquiries Network;
    • View different videos on clinical medical procedures and physical examinations.

    PEPID and all of its amazing life-saving features can be downloaded for free.

  3. UpToDate

    UpToDate is another one of the most popular apps for iPhone that is available for users of Android. It has been frequently downloaded by doctors and other healthcare professionals because it has been proven to be a valuable resource for medical information. UpToDate can also assist doctors when making clinical decisions.

    Doctors can download the standard features of UpToDate for free. But in order to access its more advanced features, you have to pay an annual subscription fee to its UpToDate data base for $495.

  4. Medscape

    For sure you’ve come across the popular medical website, WebMD. Medscape is an app that was created by WebMD and is used primarily as a medical reference tool by doctors.

    Medscape can help you look for the following information:

    • Drug information;
    • Disease reference;
    • Medical news.

    You’ll need to register to avail of Medscape but this app is downloadable free of charge.

  5. Doximity

    According to reports, 70% of doctors in the United States are on Doximity which makes it one of the best medical apps for doctors who want to enhance their social media presence.

    Doximity is available for iOS and Android users. Here are some of its interesting features:

    • Communicate with other doctors on the network;
    • Send HIPAA –secure faxes;
    • Keep updated on the latest medical news;
    • Browse available jobs;
    • Find out the salary averages in the industry.

    You need to open an account to access this free app for your smartphone.

  6. Figure1

    Figure1 is one of the most innovative medical apps in the mHealth industry. It allows you to collaborate with other doctors when viewing medical images.

    You can share insights or medical diagnosis, post comments and give opinions to doctors looking for valuable feedback on their patient’s condition. Thus Figure1 is also one of the best medical apps for patients.

    Figure1 guarantees patient privacy and has face-blocking features to conceal identities.

    This is one of the best free medical apps to use for doctors and healthcare practitioners.

  7. Case

    Case is one of the best medical apps to use for doctors and those who conduct research. It is powered by a machine learning algorithm and is available for iOS and Android users.

    Case has many interesting features:

    • Read and subscribe to a variety of medical specialty journals;
    • Supports 81 medical specialties;
    • Allows you to follow more than 100,000 keywords;
    • Uses Google Tensorflow which has a highly intuitive algorithm and presents recommendations based on what you have read in the past.

    Case is downloadable for free.

  8. Read By QxMD

    Read is similar to Case in that it is used primarily to access medical journals. It uses a magazine format where you can access and download studies, journals and articles from a variety of sources and linked medical institutions.

    Read can be downloaded for free. However, if you want to access articles by PubMed and other medical organizations, you will have to pay a subscription fee.

  9. MDCalc

    MDCalc is one of the most recommended and highly rated resources for doctors who want to learn and apply evidenced- based medicine. It is essentially a clinical diagnostic tool that can be accessed by iOS and Android phone users.

    The content on MDCalc is written by reputable medical professionals. They have been conceptualized to help doctors and other healthcare practitioners learn and apply more than 350 decision- making tools as it applies to the patient’s condition.

    This is one of the most popular medical apps in the world with more than one million monthly global subscribers.

    Best of all, it is downloadable for free!


Before the age of digital mobile technology and the Internet, doctors were famously portrayed as professionals who walked around with an electronic pager by their side. Today the electronic pager has gone the way of the dinosaurs and in their place is the smartphone.

It has been estimated that there will be 6.1 Billion smartphones operating in the world by 2020. As the use of smartphones continues to grow in popularity, expect the mHealth industry to introduce more medical apps that will make life and work easier for doctors and patients.