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Best iPhone Call Recording Applications In Market

Surely we have ever been in a situation where we need to record the conversation we’re having on the phone, either because we want to keep some data and we can not point them at the time or we are interviewing someone or for any other situation.


There are several methods that allow us to record calls, which are somewhat simple point to find and configure, whether we do it through a computer, external drives with the device speaker or through a wide range of accessories, that connect to your smartphone through the 3.5 mm jack and enable us to connect to external recording devices.

But suppose we have nothing of this, we are only at our iPhone and the need to record an important call. This time we will know some applications that allow it, and in which cases is legal to do so, why not, the record telephone calls is legal and do not always without due care we could have serious consequences.

Battery Saving applications for iPhone users

Considerations for recording calls on an iPhone :

Before knowing the applications available, it is noteworthy that Apple does not allow apps to access the microphone and headset speaker during a call, despite this, the developers have managed to record calls, this through connections to external services, creating way calling, where one of them is in charge of recording the call.
In most of these cases, these recordings are stored on external servers and we can access them prior registration, in addition to the developers of these apps mentioned that only we can access our recordings, so we see that the ratings and reviews all these applications are mostly negative.

1366_2000 Note that these apps need to make an additional call to connect to the service record, no it does natively (look here, we are not not getting into grounds jailbreak, where if you can), so we have to consider that the app in question is a local issue, because if we do not have to pay international call charges.
Apps for record calls on iPhone
There are many applications that promise to record our calls, some with cost and other free in-app purchase, but the latter have restrictions for recording and listen to the files.

1.Google Voice (Free)This is definitely the best application to record calls on iPhone, unfortunately it is only available in the United States.

2.TapeACall Lite (Free with in-app purchases)

Another good option for recording calls, its operation is to make an additional call will be responsible for recording the conversation. This free version allows you to record the entire call, but only listen to the first 60 seconds of the recording. The full version is priced at 9.99 euros.

3.Burovoz (Free with in-app purchases)

Burovoz claims to be the only app that lets you record telephone calls and certify them with “absolute legal certainty”, it makes through its own platform, but for their operation need recharging credit. It is only compatible in Spain and is available in Catalan.

4.Call recording – IntCall (Free with in-app purchases)

This is the only app that makes use of a VOIP server to connect to it need to acquire credit, because the server will be the link that calls, so here we also need good data coverage or being under a WiFi connection.

Hope these application will be useful and let me know if you have any  query 🙂