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Best Hidden IPhone Secret Codes 2016

iPhone is one of the best smart phone of the world. The quality of features that iPhone provides to its user makes it simple to use and very productive even in terms of its functioning. Even these days most of the Android users worldwide are also shifted from Android devices to iPhones. Also the UI that iPhone has make it very simpler for any kind of user to use them. Also these phones are popular around the world and we find or use them daily in our life.

Best Hidden IPhone Secret Codes

Though we use them daily and are aware of everything in it, there are many things in iPhone that we need to know and can even do some hacks with your iPhone. So in this post we are going to reveal the best and Top iPhone secret codes that you can even use them by typing those codes in your phone’s dialer if you are an iPhone user. Also the codes that we are going to reveal now will work in all iPhones and even you can try them in your phone.

Best Hidden IPhone Secret Codes (2016)

Best Hidden IPhone Secret Codes

*#67# : This code can be used to check any number in order to set call forwarding when you are busy or your iphone is on a call.

*#06# : IMEI number is an important thing to know if you have any issues with your iPhone and are going to service centre to clear them out. With this code you can directly get Your phones IMEI number and this number is also the identifier of your mobile phone hardware.

*3001#12345# : This code can be user to open and get into your IPhone’s inner settings. You can even get your iPhone’s information and even network details.

*#33# : This code can be used to check call control bars and even you can check whether Call barring is enabled or not for outgoing calls.

*#21# : You can use this code for setting up call forwarding and even change the settings for your call forwarding. You can even access or disable them directly with this code.

*#76# : With this code you can check whether connected line presentations are enabled or not.

*777# : If you are a prepaid iPhone user then you can use this code to get your network details.

*225# : To check your bill balance.

*646# : You can use this code only if you are a Postpaid user and this code lets you know about the available minutes.

*#43# : To Check call waiting status

*43# : Use this code to Directly activate a call.

#43# : To Deactivate Waiting

*#31# : You can use this code to hide your number.

*#61# : To check the number of missed calls.

*#62# : This code can be used to verify your number for forwarding call if you haven’t set that.

*3370# : This code can be used to activate EFR mode (Enhanced Full Rate), this mode helps you to improve your iPhones voice quality, but anyway it effects your iPhones battery life.

*#5005*7672# : To check your SMS Centre

To use all of the above mentioned codes in our list of Best iPhone secret codes of 2016, you can just go to the phone dialer and just enter them directly there to use them. Also Don’t forget to comment down below and share this article, if this article helped you out.