7 Best Health And Fitness Apps For 2019

We’ve often heard that the hardest part of any new activity is getting started. Good examples would be your first day in school, launching a business, and starting a new job. However, when it comes to getting healthy and fit, it is easy to get started. The hard part is maintaining the lifestyle. This is where you need the help of the best health and fitness apps to accomplish your goals for 2019.

Do you remember the day after you made the resolution to focus on health and fitness for 2019? You probably couldn’t wait to hit the gym! If you bought the latest workout wear, getting out of your business suit couldn’t go any faster.

Run an extra mile or add more weight to the Bench Press; it doesn’t seem like there is nothing you couldn’t or wouldn’t do to hit your health and fitness goals. Salads with oil and vinegar dressing sounded exciting! Boiled chicken breasts and steamed broccoli activated the taste buds. Who said diet was a four- letter word?

Your Personal Trainer would tell you to take it easy; “Getting fit and healthy isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. It takes time and consistency to achieve your goals.”

And just like a marathon, you eventually hit a wall.

After a while, your gym bag starts to feel heavier than your best Bench Press. Instead of running on the treadmill, your mind races to make excuses to skip workouts.

The boiled chicken breasts get sliced, mixed into the salad and dressed with creamy ranch dressing, bacon bits, ham, eggs, and garnished with crispy potato strings. The steamed broccoli gets stir-fried with pork skin and thickened with flour-based slurry.

2019 seemed like a distant memory when in reality it just started three weeks ago. Sound familiar? If so, you are not alone.

7 Best Health And Fitness Apps For 2019

So many people start out their New Year’s resolution with a sense of conviction and clarity. Unfortunately, they realize “wanting” is a lot easier than “doing”. If fitness is a marathon, it is a race that is best run with a partner.

Health and fitness apps are your perfect training partner because they never get sick and are with you whenever you need them. All you need to do is tap your smartphone or click an icon on a tablet.

There are many great workout apps on the market. Each one is designed to make it easier and more convenient to track nutrition and exercise programs.

There are apps to help you find the best workout programs and keep fitness routines interesting. There are also apps that are designed to track your calories so you can stay on your diet.

You can also find health and fitness planner apps to organize your workouts and diet routines. Then there are apps that cater to a specific activity: weight-lifting, running, functional and body weight workouts.

Your choice of app will depend on your health and fitness goals. To help you get started, here are seven of the top health and fitness apps for 2019:

  1. Aaptiv

The best personal trainers get in your ears; and sometimes on your face, to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. Aaptiv is described as your personal “in-ear” trainer. It will relay workout instructions to you in an easy- to- follow format.

Currently, Aaptiv features 2,500 classes but it is estimated that 30 new classes are added to the library every week! These audio workouts are designed by some of the best personal trainers in the business.

With Aaptive, you no longer have to beat the red light to make sure you have a slot in a workout class. Best of all, you can do your workouts at the convenience of your own home.

  1. Playbook

Have you ever dreamed about working out with your favourite fitness trainer or celebrity athlete? Playbook will be your best option to make your fantasy workout come true.

Formerly known as Fitner, Playbook allows you to find and “buddy up” with the trainer or athlete of your choice. You will get his/her latest exercise routines plus valuable advice on nutrition and overall wellness.

Playbook also offers an important aspect of maintaining your health and fitness: community. You can communicate with the trainer and others in your group so you can share experiences, offer motivation and support.

  1. Sworkit

It’s not always the lack of passion or motivation that stops people from staying consistent with their workouts. Sometimes it’s just not possible to fit in time or give the energy to exercise because obligations to life and work just get in the way.

If you are one of those people who cannot dedicate time in a day to exercise, Sworkit is the app for you. This is an app that lets you customize a workout plan according to your goals and level of commitment.

All you need to do is to input your fitness goals and the amount of time you can allocate for your workouts. Sworkit will prepare a six- week workout program that sets goals on a weekly basis.

  1. JEFIT

This app is ideal for those who regularly workout and know their way around the gym. JEFIT helps you keep your workouts exciting by giving you access to more than a thousand exercises.

Customize your workouts, track your training volume, and keep a record of your total weight lifted. JEFIT gives you different workouts to choose from so you can keep each training session fresh, new, and exciting.

  1. KEELO

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a proven way of burning calories and staying fit without spending an hour of exercise. The challenge is to come up with HIIT routines that will push your fitness levels on a regular basis.

KEELO makes it easier for you to do HIIT workouts by giving you programs that you can complete in a short amount of time. Got only seven minutes to spare for a workout? KEELO has got you covered! You will be sweating buckets and straining muscles faster than it takes to run 1 mile.

  1. Nike+ Run Club

Nike is a brand that is synonymous with athletic excellence. The company has its roots in running and has always found ways to help runners achieve their best performances. If you love running, then you’ll absolutely love Nike+ Run Club.

This running app has a built- in GPS system that will track your progress. It will also give you coaching and add motivational support by including a community leaderboard.

Nike+ Run Club has an in-ear audio option that will enable you to receive coaching and motivation from its roster of coaches and stable of athletes.

  1. Lose It!

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Success in fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise”. Whether the ratio is accurate or not, one thing is for sure, staying on a healthy meal plan is difficult.

Lose It! is an app that helps you track your meals. You can access its large database and find out the calorie content of a variety of foods. This app is a valuable tool for customizing your own diet.

And if you’re at a restaurant or the supermarket, simply use the Lose It! Snap It feature to take a photo of the item. The app will let you know how many calories might end up from lips to hips.

Conclusion – Why You Need Health And Fitness Apps

Your Personal Trainer is right when he/she said that health and fitness is a marathon and not a sprint. You cannot achieve your goals overnight; not even after a week or one month.

When it comes to being healthy and fit, you should always think of the long-term. Health and fitness should be a lifelong advocacy.

The truth is after the initial burst of inspiration, it is hard to stay motivated on a health and fitness program. As you improve, the workouts and the diet become harder so you can break past plateaus, higher targets, and attain all- around health.

Over time, as you approach your limits, the workouts become more of a mental and emotional challenge than a physical one. Unless you can find a regular training partner who can push you every time in the gym and motivate you to stay on the diet, chances are you might throw in the towel.

Think of health and fitness apps as the training partners who will be there for you whenever you need them. They will not let you down and will help you stay motivated by reminding you of your goals.

If human training partners tend to sugar-coat the truth to tell you what you want to hear, great workout apps will do the opposite. The apps will give you the undeniable truth: accurate and real time data on your progress. Use technology to track nutrition and exercise and you will know for sure if you are on pace to hit your goals or are lagging behind.

Choose from our top health and fitness apps to support your 2019 goals. Come the New Year, health and fitness will no longer be a resolution but a reality.