No More Worries About Navigation, Parking, And Safety: Best Driving Apps For 2019

Buying your first car is a career milestone. You no longer need permission from your Dad to borrow his car. However, owning a car does not protect you from the everyday inconveniences of driving. In fact, the stakes are higher since you are now accountable for everything – gas, insurance, repairs, and maintenance to name a few. It’s great that in today’s age of digital technology, you have apps that can reduce your risks while driving.

Here are the best driving apps for 2019. Make sure you download some of these apps on your smartphone to provide convenience and to ensure your safety while on the road:

  1. Waze

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not have Waze on his/her smartphone. Waze is quite simply one of the most indispensible driving apps in the market. It can help you navigate through traffic and find the best routes to your destination.

    When using Waze, you may hear the voice-over say, “Stay on the left, road repairs in 100 meters.” How does Waze know this? Waze is a crowd- sourced app. It encourages users to report accidents, repairs, and other types of potential hazards on the road.

    What happens if you miss a turn that Waze asked you to take? Don’t worry; Waze will find another way to get you back on the right course.

    Waze is downloadable for free. It is available for both Android and iOS.

  2. GasBuddy

    When you are going on a long road trip, you will eventually run low on gas. If you are in unfamiliar territory, you may not know where the nearest gas station is. GasBuddy can allay your fears and show you the closest gas station to your proximity.

    More than that, GasBuddy is a driving app that will let you know which gas station offers the lowest prices. Similar to Waze, GasBuddy encourages users to give them an update on gas prices and the best gas stations to fill up.

    In exchange, GasBuddy will include contributors to raffle contests for a chance to win cool prizes such as free gas.

    Do you drive an electric car? GasBuddy will likewise show you where the nearest charging stations are located.

    GasBuddy can be downloaded for free and available for both Android and iOS.

  3. TollSmart

    Part of ensuring a smooth road trip is having your budget ready. You will normally account for gas, food, and repairs. What about toll fees? Not many travellers realize that toll fees can throw a curve ball to your budget.

    TollSmart is a driving app that maps out all the toll collecting booths on the way to your destination. It will also give you a summary of the toll charges based on the size of your vehicle. By knowing how much you have to pay for toll fees, you can have exact change ready before you hit the road.

    If you think the toll fees are on the high side, TollSmart can map out another route where the charges are more affordable so you can stay on your budget.

    TollSmart requires a monthly subscription fee of $2.99 and is downloadable for Android and iOS.

  4. iExit

    Sometimes you need to take a break during a long drive. It is not safe to drive when you are sleepy. Perhaps you are hungry and want to find the closest diner to grab a nice, hot meal.

    During long drives, you must be properly focused on the road in front of you. Falling asleep or thinking about your stomach will only serve as distractions or potential threats to safety.

    If you plan on taking extended drives, make sure you have iExit on your smartphone. iExit is a driving app that will show you where the nearest lodging is located so you can check in for the night. It will also give you a list of restaurants that you can stop by on the way to your destination.

    iExit will give you the complete details on every establishment. It will send you images, menu lists, and room rates. Are you running low on gas? iExit will show you the location of the nearest gas station.

    iExit is available for free for both Android and iOS.

  5. Drivvo

    Car breakdowns can happen anytime, anyplace, and without warning. The worst thing that you can experience is for your car to stall in the middle of nowhere. Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid the risk of having a car breakdown.

    Drivvo is a driving app that tracks your car’s performance. It is essentially an online logbook for car maintenance. You can upload important information such as odometer readings, fuel consumption, reminders for repairs and maintenance services.

    Drivvo is also a crowd-sourced app. Its users constantly contribute valuable information such as the nearest gas stations or car repair shops within your vicinity.

    This driving app is available as a free download for Android or iOS. An option for a monthly subscription is likewise available. It has added features such as cloud synchronization with other mobile devices. Signing up for the paid subscription will also remove advertising.

  6. DailyRoads Voyager

    A dashcam is an essential tool that every car should have. In the event, you get involved in an accident, the dashcam can record everything that happened in real time. You can protect yourself from fraud, criminal activity, and comply with your insurance provider when you file your claim.

    DailyRoad Voyager is a driving app that functions as a dashcam. It will record video or take photos of your road trip. You can adjust the level of resolution for greater clarity and has cyclic storage which keeps its internal memory open to accommodate new video footage.

    This amazing car safety app also has time- stamping and geo-tagging features to make sure every detail of your road trip will well documented.

    DailyRoads Voyager is available for free only for Android. The premium subscription option does not carry ad placements.

  7. MileIQ

    If your company requires you to track down every expense, you better download MileIQ on your smartphone. This is one of the best driving apps for car owners who need to account for their business expenses.

    MileIQ will accurately track down your mileage by using your smartphone’s GPS system. This is a cool car app that has motion sensors with the ability to log in important details of your trip. These details include map information, purpose of the trip, and intended destinations.

    What’s more is that MileIQ allows you to enter the details in an exportable spreadsheet. This makes sure you don’t lose out any important information that will be needed when you prepare your expense report.

    MileIQ is available for both Android and iOS. It is downloadable for free but a monthly subscription of $5.99 will give you unlimited logging time.

  8. INRIX ParkMe

    After a long drive, an open parking space is always a welcome sight. However, given the amount of vehicles looking for the same thing, an available parking space may end up like a mirage at the Sahara Desert. Just as you are coming near, it vanishes.

    INRIX ParkMe is a very good app for locating open parking spaces. It will take away the guesswork, help you save time and gas money. This is one of the best driving apps you can download on your smartphone.

    INRIX will use your smartphone’s locational sensors to find the nearest available parking space. It will also give you a rundown of parking rates so you can choose the best one that fits your budget. You can also use INRIX to pay for your parking space.

    This app is available and downloadable for free on both Android and iOS.

  9. Automatic

    Automatic is another one of the best driving apps that you need to ensure your safety on the road. This is a driving app that functions as a car diagnostic tool. It will let you know if your car is experiencing problems that can lead to trouble or a breakdown.

    All you need to do is plug in Automatic’s wireless peripheral into your car’s diagnostic port. In some car models, the diagnostic port is located under the steering wheel.

    The app will begin to analyze the performance and overall condition of your car. It can also give an analysis of your driving habits and check your car’s fluid levels.

    Automatic is available for Android and iOS but the wireless peripheral will cost $99.95 per mobile device.


You don’t have to download all of these best driving apps in your smartphone. Pick out the ones that meet every one of your concerns. For example, download Waze for navigation, iExit for pit stops, and Automatic as your car safety app.

These are great apps to have while driving. They will ensure complete focus on the road and keep you safe for the long haul.